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Yeah, I’m an ugly mutant. I also run this place. You got a problem with that?

Marcus is the elderly super mutant sheriff of Broken Hills in 2241 and mayor of Jacobstown in 2281. A survivor of the Unity, his once fervent dedication to the Master's cause has since softened into a more tolerant attitude.


A burly old mutant with a weary cast to his face, Marcus' toughness and vigor[1] seem at odds with his long history and fundamental belief in the goodness of people. He does not have any regrets about his transformation into a mutant. In fact, he prefers his existence as a super mutant, as he is free of the petty character flaws regular humans suffer from.[2]

He served in Unity with distinction, a firm believer in his vision and philosophy. For Marcus, the Master's plan was a chance for elevation of humans above internecine conflict and war, to break out of the vicious cycle of war. Marcus believed that humans could never elevate themselves alone, that the Master's actions were a necessary step in the advancement of humanity.[3] The destruction of the Unity by the Vault Dweller hit him dearly. Though he hated the Vault Dweller at first, he eventually developed a healthy respect for them. After all, if all humans fought for their beliefs like they did, the Master would not have had to come into being. Still, he missed his friends, the best that humanity had to offer.[4][5]

After the fall of the Unity

Following the fall of the Master, Marcus took to the wastes. Around 2185, he came across Jacob, a Brotherhood knight. The two fought for a couple of days, before realizing the futility of the fight. As the pair laughed, Jacob abandoned his sworn oath to destroy mutants and joined Marcus in his travels. As they traveled together, discussing Brotherhood doctrine and the Unity (in particular, the neurolink between the Master and the Cathedral computers), people gradually started following them. After all, it doesn't get any safer than a Brotherhood knight and a super mutant veteran. Marcus led the growing group to the site of a pre-War uranium mining town he knew about from old maps. There, he and Jacob founded the settlement of Broken Hills in the fall of 2185.[6]

After ensuring that the town survived winter, Jacob said his goodbyes and moved on. Marcus stayed, as mayor and sheriff, though he missed his friend dearly, particularly, the arguments between him and Jacob on dipping and how the latter "would've been a great mutant."[7][8] His steady hand in managing the affairs of the town led it to prosperity. Uranium found its way to numerous clients in the wastelands, including Vault City.[9] Marcus' positive opinion of humanity, inspired by Jacob, eroded as he saw the petty hatred and jealousy tearing apart his people. He mused that the Master's plan could have succeeded with better candidates. But would it be able to succeed against the human tendency to tear down the exceptional men and women among them? In his heart, he knew that the Master was right. But he soldiered on.[3][10]

Rumors of an anti-mutant conspiracy did not help. Chasing shadows, Marcus eventually asked a tribal wanderer to help him investigate. That tribal was the Chosen One. After successfully exposing the conspiracy and saving Broken Hills' mine from closure, the old mutant decided he was far too old for settling down and joined the tribal.[11] They fought side by side on Control Station Enclave, saving the world from destruction, eventually vaporizing the oil rig in nuclear fire. Marcus never returned to Broken Hills. Instead, he headed east into the Rocky Mountains, inspired by his tribal friend. His goal: finding other mutants like himself and creating a place they could call home.[12][Non-canon 1] He never heard of the Chosen One again, but he had a feeling everything turned out well for his friend in the end.[12]

A safe haven

Marcus turned out to be a charismatic leader, gathering a sizable following of super mutants. Eventually, he and his followers reached Black Mountain, a pre-War satellite facility, irradiated by a direct nuclear strike. Scavengers avoided the place due to high amounts of radiation. However, this did not deter the super mutants, who claimed Black Mountain as their new home in 2277. The machines were in serviceable condition, enhancing its appeal.[13]

However, it did not turn out to be the safe haven Marcus imagined it as. The biggest and most long lasting problems came from the nightkin that accompanied him. Tabitha, a former high-ranking member of the Unity and a nightkin suffering from a particularly severe case of Stealth Boy-induced schizophrenia, was a constant problem. After Rhonda, her robot companion broke down, her mental condition deteriorated. Attempts to distract her with a journal project failed when she discovered Black Mountain's radio station and managed to get it repaired.[14][15] Broadcasting her message consumed her attention and exacerbated her mental issues, leading her to ignore Marcus' leadership. After all, for her, he was a first generation super mutant, just a step up from the second generation imbeciles all too common in the settlement.[16]

Eventually, the situation deteriorated. As the nightkin clashed with Marcus' fellow first generation super mutants, he found himself unable to broker a peace. Rather than aggravate the conflict, he chose to leave along with those mutants loyal to him and found another community in 2279, but not before smashing Black Mountain's radio transmitter in an attempt to hamper Tabitha's efforts.[17] The radio did not remain broken for long, however. Raul Tejada, a wandering ghoul mechanic from Mexico, had been attracted by the broadcast's sudden disappearance and offered to fix it, but much to his dismay Tabitha decided to imprison him for his efforts and keep him around to be on hand to fix other broken things.[18] With her voice back on the airwaves, Tabitha was free to implement her utopian project. The State of Utobitha was born, broadcasting a rather peculiar, if not insane and rambling, radio message throughout the wasteland.[19][20] A permanent element of the program was the harassment of Raul, who was constantly threatened with execution if he didn't fix anything and everything around the complex.[21][22] Having gained a firm foothold, the nightkin from Utobitha started harassing travelers and merchants on the I-15 for supplies and food. Although the victims reported the matter to NCR Rangers, they were unable to divert men and resources to take care of the problem.[23]

In the meantime, Marcus and his remaining followers traveled to the resort at Mount Charleston, where they founded another settlement. Marcus named it Jacobstown to honor his old friend. The place was perfect, far away from human settlements to remain peaceful and big enough to house the mutants and their crops. Marcus' ultimate goal was to establish it as a valuable trading partner and an example of human-mutant cooperation: A second Broken Hills.[24] Marcus has also founded a research project together with Doctor Henry of the Enclave, trying to find a cure for nightkin schizophrenia. His promise of cure attracted nightkin leaders such as Keene and Davison and their followers to the town, but as the research dragged on, the nightkin began to lose their patience.[25]

By the time the Courier arrives, Davison had left with his followers, while Keene's patience was teetering on the brink. Something had to be done, quickly.[Non-canon 2][26]

Interactions with the player character

Fallout 2

Interactions overview

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Effects of player's actions

He is skilled with big guns and large energy weapons. However, sometimes his use of burst weapons are as devastating to the team as to enemies. Also, like all other super mutants (barring those in Fallout Tactics), he is incapable of wearing armor which leaves him somewhat vulnerable. However, Marcus does have innate armor statistics that increase as he gains in abilities, thus mitigating his inability to equip armor. At his highest level, he has the equivalent of a suit of combat armor. The ammunition for his big guns can be a problem, too. This can be dealt with by arming him with a non-burst weapon like a turbo plasma rifle.

  • Having Marcus in one's company will generally deny the Chosen One's entry into the inner sections of Vault City (though not the southern courtyard), so he has to be left outside and picked up on the way out. Becoming Captain of the Guard lets the Chosen One pass the guards, First Citizen Joanne Lynette however, will not be too pleased, resulting in exiling the Chosen One.
    • Should the Chosen One be accompanied by Lenny and Marcus at the same time, Marcus will occasionally say things like "Nice to have another evolved human in the group, Lenny," "Hey Lenny! Ever been to Broken Hills?" and "Lenny! Let's get somethin' to drink!", indicating that the two have known each other in the past, or simply that Marcus considers their shared mutant status confers on them a brotherhood of sorts.

Other interactions

  • Taking him to Dr. Troy in Vault City to be healed will get him purged of the various bullets embedded in his thick skin, which Troy will then give to the Chosen One. Giving 20 7.62mm, 40 .44 Magnum JHP & FMJ, 50 5mm JHP, 10 .45 caliber, 24 10mm JHP, 50 .223 FMJ, and 20 9mm ball. He has been shot by a lot of people. This can only be done as Captain of the Guard, otherwise Troy will go hostile for someone bringing a mutant into the city.


Primary Statistics
Statistic Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Strength 10 10 10 10 10
Perception 08 08 08 09 09
Endurance 10 10 10 10 10
Charisma 03 03 03 03 03
Intelligence 07 07 07 07 07
Agility 08 08 08 09 09
Luck 09 09 09 09 09
+ Secondary Statistics Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Hit Points 145 165 175 190 205
Armor Class 18 18 18 29 29
Action Points 10 11 11 12 13
Carry Weight 275 275 275 275 275
Melee Damage 12 14 15 18 18
Damage Resistance 30% 30% 30% 40% 40%
Poison Resistance 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
Radiation Resistance 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Sequence 16 16 16 18 18
Healing Rate 3 3 3 3 3
Critical Chance 20 20 22 22 24

+ Tagged Skills Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
Big Guns 115% 129% 137% 147% 163%
Energy Weapons 87% 91% 101% 109% 118%
Unarmed 112% 125% 130% 140% 145%

Fallout: New Vegas

Interactions overview

Icon quest starter.png
This character starts quests.


Other interactions

  • Upon entering Jacobstown for the first time, Marcus will approach the Courier and initiate dialogue and give them some tips on being in Jacobstown.

Fallout: New California

Marcus can be found randomly when taking a card from the loot deck. When the player character has him as the active companion and performs a test that uses Strength, Endurance, or Intelligence, he can be exhausted to gain one hit on the test.

When the player character performs the camp action, he will become unexhausted. However, if the player character does not have at least three SPECIAL tokens at this time, he must be discarded.


Fallout 2

Fallout: New Vegas

Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Super mutant armor


  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Marcus is one of the only characters outside Caesar's Legion (along with Easy Pete, Follows-Chalk and Salt-Upon-Wounds), to pronounce Caesar /ˈkaisar/ - in the classical Latin pronunciation - rather than /ˈsiːzər/, the morphed Zar pronunciation.
  • Marcus in Fallout: New Vegas has a unique face compared to other super mutants, as he is the only one in the game not to wear a leather facial brace to hold up his lips.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Marcus may eventually die due to random cazador attacks on Jacobstown.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, Marcus is the only character with only one tag skill.
  • Marcus is one of the most intelligent super mutants in the Fallout franchise. He is able to speak fluent English and would rather reason than fight.

Notable quotes

Fallout 2

  • "Long story. Want it short or the whole thing?"
  • "That was Jacob, from the Brotherhood of Steel. He'd sworn some oath to destroy muties. We tussled for a while – probably a day or two. After a while, we just started laughing. What was the point?"
  • "Right. Well, never really HATED humans. We just had a better way. These new governments, they think they've got all the answers. Blah, blah. Been there, seen that, got the scars."
  • "Don't forget, I knew the folks involved. They were the best humanity had to offer. Your people are going to tell the story a different way, right?"
  • "My memories of being a human aren't as clear as they once were, but I remember pettiness, hatred, jealousy... I prefer being a mutant."
  • "Nope. Well, not now. It takes a few years after bein' dipped to get the juices flowing again. Why?"

Fallout: New Vegas


Marcus appears as a companion and a talking head in Fallout 2, and in Fallout: New Vegas as a non-player character. He is voiced by Michael Dorn in both. He is mentioned in Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes

Fallout 2

  • While Marcus says that he is no longer sterile, Chris Avellone, who wrote that dialogue, confirmed that Marcus was only joking and that super mutants remain entirely sterile.
  • During combat, if Marcus is hit by an enemy weapon, he may occasionally cry out, "I am NOT a merry Mutant!" This is a reference to Michael Dorn's role as Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, specifically the episode "Qpid", in which Worf protested to being given the role of a "merry man" in Q's Robin Hood recreation.
  • Marcus might say when unarmed and attacking: "one fist, two fist, red fist, blue fist." This is a reference to the Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

Fallout: New Vegas



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