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Marcella's journal is a series of terminal entries found in Marcella's tent in the disaster relief outpost in Point Lookout.

Marcella's terminalEdit


Private Field Journal
S. Marcella J, Abbey of the Road
Point Lookout Expedition
"I am the light of the world: he that followeth me, walketh not in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12


Obadiah BlackhallEdit


Met local by name of Obadiah Blackhall. He lives in an old manor by himself. Class A manipulator. He solicited me to recover a book, which he claimed to be a family heirloom. The man gives me a bad feeling. I want to investigate this book and his connection to the swampfolk of the region, but he was reluctant when pressed for more information.

UPDATE: Confirmed Blackhall connection with regional beliefs. Appears that a recent ancestor to Obadiah, named Constance Blackhall, acquired obscure text known as Krivbeknih. Not good - have heard mention of the book before. Must destroy.

Tobar the FerrymanEdit


Ferryman quite a character. Dubious on the Faith, but tolerant at least to hear my ministrations. Seems there's quite a bit more to the man, and he certainly isn't without the smell of sin about him. Will visit periodically while in Point Lookout to preach if he'll have me.

Tribal Culture (Cathedral)Edit


Tribal culture occupies major sanctuary to the Faith in region - Cathedral of the Ark & Dove. Would love to mine location for artifacts or any intact texts, but residents openly ostracize outsiders. Have offered to induct me into their tribe. Tempting to undertake their oaths as a ruse to gain access, but moral reservations too great.

Found an ally?Edit


Was able to intercept an outsider Obadiah had sent after Krivbeknih. I only hope my appeal to goodness was enough - I can't pay what he's offering.

I'll pray for the outsider's survival... and that the Krivbeknih finds its way to me, not Blackhall.

Travel JournalEdit

The Pitt?Edit


Took shelter with a merchant caravan during a windstorm. More worrying tales from The Pitt. I wonder if my purpose will take me there one day? For now I must continue eastward to the Commonwealth.

Leaving the CommonwealthEdit


I've done what good I can here. Need to get out before it catches up with me. Was able to barter passage on a boat headed south. Don't know where I'll end up, but that's the nature of His work.

Sojourn in Capital WastelandEdit


Tobar tied the Duchess up in the Capital Wasteland. I spent the afternoon trading at a place called Rivet City. Broke bread with a Father Clifford. Inspirational to see another believer of the Faith. Must make my way back here soon.

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