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Marc Wilson was the president and chief executive officer of Wilson Atomatoys in 2077.


The second president and chief executive officer of Wilson Atomatoys, Marc took over the business when his father, George Wilson, resigned for Marc to take the position after years of working for him. However, the position didn't come naturally to him, not out of any incapability, but out of resentment. For his entire life, his father put the company first.[1] He simply wasn't there for their entire lives; which was ironic considering that he founded the company to make toys to help children dream, and to imagine a better future.[2] His work caused him to miss Marc's birthdays, graduation, and even his mother's funeral. While he believed he was doing it for his son, Marc felt abandoned and unloved.[1]

George on-boarded Marc in a bid to reconnect and eventually abdicate his position as company president to him in late 2077, believing that Marc grew into the toy business, despite initial reservations.[1] His son, turned bitter by years of parental neglect, immediately turned his back on his father's legacy. This coincided with sales forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2077 indicating that sales of the Giddyup Buttercup would decline in from $122,000,000 to $110,000,000, a year-over-year loss of 17%. They cited brand stagnation and market saturation at the current price point as reasons the continuing decline.[3] While Arlen Glass reacted to the news with incredulity,[4] he immediately set about finding new ways to enhance the brand's appeal. However, Marc had other ideas.[5]

The new president made a bid for the secretive SCYTHE Program initiated by the United States government to bolster their wartime production by converting part of the Atomatoys factory into an ordnance production facility.[6] His application was accepted on September 1, despite doubts by some of the Pentagon staff, as the Atomatoys factory exceeded the requirements specified for the project. Colonel Thomas Nelson, director of the SCYTHE Program, scheduled a visit in person while Wilson and Nathaniel Hawke set about converting three of the five assembly lines for military production - land mines.[7] The first phase of the conversion was completed by October 15, a week ahead of schedule, with production scheduled to begin on November 1.[8]

Arlen was kept out of the loop. During a later board meeting, he did not expect to see a representative of the military, much less hear about the values of the company being betrayed in favor of patching its budget by manufacturing weapons for the army.[9] 45 minutes into the board meeting, Arlen exploded and had to be removed from the premises by security. He tried in vain to enter and talk to Marc Wilson to dissuade him from the course he chose, but only succeeded in being removed several more times and forcing security to notify the police.[10][11] Wilson fired him immediately.[12] His dismissal was a shock to all employees of the company, who considered him to be the heart and soul of the place.[13]

Marc Wilson was left the sole ruler of his father's Atomatoys, promptly throwing out the only thing Arlen managed to get to him, a manifesto imploring Marc to change course.[14] However, he did not rule his kingdom for long, as the nuclear bombs that fell early on October 23, 2077, crushed civilization and Atomatoys with it.[15]


A body exists for Marc Wilson within the game's files, though it is only used for his holotape.


Marc Wilson is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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