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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maram Ayari.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00598B5F 00598B95 Idle Chatter Be gentle with the robots, will you? They're only following their programming.
2 00598B96 Welcome to Watoga. Humans are not welcome here. Imitating a Protectron, with a laugh at the end
3 00598B98 Oh, joy! Flesh and bone. Sarcastic
4 00598B99 Hope you're not here to massacre my mechanical buddies.
5 00598B9A Beep boop. Did I convince you? Imitating a robot
6 00598B60 00598B9D GREETING Wanna talk about robots now?
7 00598B9E You've activated my 'Greeting' subroutine.
8 00598BA0 I love robots. Have I mentioned I love robots?
9 00598BA2 What's crackin', fleshling? fleshling = human
10 00598B61 00598B86 I don't know what you're talking about. Sure. Okay. Well, in case something ever sparks your curiosity for the inner workings of robots, let me give you the right tools to investigate. Skeptical
11 00598B63 00598B90 You got me. Nothing excites me like a sleek metal case and a powerful central processor. Finally, some common sense. Fleshy skin and brittle bone? Yuck. Industrial grade reinforced steel and hyperplexed optic sensors? Woof.
12 Speaking of robot parts, I've got some extras lying around. Why don't you use them to keep your bots in shape?
13 There's nothing worse than a mechanical malfunction at the wrong time.
14 00598B65 00598B88 Let's talk about something else. How about robots? I love talking about robots.
15 00598B67 00598B92 What's so bad about humans? I've never understood humans. They're always hurting each other. And they're really inefficient.
16 If you're going to destroy the world, at least do it properly and eliminate our parasitic species for good.
17 You know, before the War, I once got fired for telling my boss that his code was a pile of crap and needed to be reworked. But it was true!
18 00598B69 00598B8A Why do you love robots so much? They exist for a purpose, and they do that purpose well. No if, ands, or buts about it.
19 Well, sometimes there are 'ifs' and 'ands', but with any luck they're well-documented, and-
20 Point is, robots always make sense. Anything they do, they do for a reason. I'd prefer if the whole world functioned that way.
21 Plus, they're cutie-pies!
22 00598B6B 00598B94 Let's talk about something else. Hit me. As in "hit me with your questions"
23 00598B6D 00598B8D Is Watoga everything you dreamed of? Is it? I mean, aside from the corpses and debris everywhere... yes!
24 I would be happy to live out my days here and never meet another human soul again.
25 No offense.
26 00598B6F 00598B9C Did you also become the mayor for a day? Oh! Made your way up to see MAIA, did you? I'm impressed.
27 Yeah. You can imagine my chagrin when I arrived at the promised robot utopia, only to get laser-beamed from every direction.
28 But I wasn't gonna give up on my dream that easily. So I loaded up on Stealth Boys and scoured the place until I found MAIA. The rest is history.
29 00598B71 00598B8E Could you reprogram the robots not to attack me? It's a little more complicated than that, I'm afraid.
30 But even if there was an easy hack, I wouldn't be interested in giving special privileges to anyone who couldn't do it themselves.
31 Right now, Watoga belongs to the robots and me. And I like it that way.
32 00598B73 00598B8B Do the robots not attack you? Nope! They like me.
33 And by like me, I mean they're running code that says I'm a special exception to their "kill everything" directive.
34 00598B75 00598B85 Why did all the robots turn hostile? That's not my business to tell. If you're really curious, try checking out the municipal center.
35 If you can survive it.
36 00598B77 00598B8F I'll leave you to your robot paradise. And I'll leave you to your human wasteland.
37 00598B79 00598B87 [Perception 8+] I can tell that your passion for robots is not just intellectual. Well, duh. Why anyone suffers through teaching another human what they like and don't like, when they could just write it into code, is beyond me.
38 But hey, it takes one to know one, right? Calling the player out with a wink
39 00598B7B 00598B91 Who are you? Just a human pledging unwavering loyalty and devotion to superior AI.
40 00598B7D 00598B89 What is this place? Watoga - the city of the future! Spreading a banner
41 A fully automated utopia, with everything from hard labor to civil service in the hands of the bots. Euphoric; this truly is the best utopia she could imagine
42 I wish I could have seen it before the War. Things have gotten a little dingy since then.
43 00598B7F 00598B93 What is there to love about a heartless bucket of cogs and wires? Everything, really.
44 For one thing, they're not rude and judgmental like humans are. Unless you program them to be.
45 But I'm pretty used to humans being like that. Extra touch of resentment on "that"
46 00598B81 00598B8C Um... No? Well, I do. They're smarter, sleeker, faster, stronger... I could go on. Getting more and more excited, and then controlling herself at the end
47 But I won't waste my breath if I'm boring you.
48 00598B83 00598B9B Me, too! Robots are the best. You do? I thought I was the only one.
49 Our mechanical pals always got a bad rap for taking human jobs. But I say: if they can do it better, let them!
50 And believe me when I say they can do it better. Eyebrow wiggle
51 00598D6B 00599461 Have you checked the RobCo Research Center? Scoured it from top to bottom, no dice on the servo. Well, maybe my lucky day is simply yet to come. With a hopeful sigh
52 Or, I'll have to make it myself. Lightbulb!
53 00598D6D 00599463 What's your favorite type of robot? Oh, dear. How could I possibly choose?
54 Protectrons are charming. Simple, quaint design, marching ever forward on a single directive.
55 But Handys are so versatile! So many possible attachments. Eh, but the human personality thing really drops their point value.
56 Eyebots? Boring. Liberators - too political. Robobrains - creepy.
57 Ohoho, Assaultrons... now those pack some grievous power. Buuut I don't like the humanoid body.
58 I got it. Sentry Bots. Massive. Commanding. Powerful. Really the whole package. THICC
59 00598D6E 00599460 Do robots have souls? Do humans have souls? How do you define a soul?
60 If it's something that gives you purpose, then robots have more of a soul than any other entity I know.
61 00598D70 00599462 Let's talk about something else. Aw, do we have to?
62 00598D71 0059945F Let's talk about robots! You couldn't have said a more delightful series of words.
63 Have you read about the latest servo model RobCo was working on before the War? I'm still trying to get my hands on one.