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The Manwell carbine is a weapon in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Manwell Rifle Set."


The Manwell carbine is a .308 self-loading rifle capable of both semi-auto and full-auto fire, depending on the receiver chosen. It boasts the largest default capacity of any weapon chambered for .308 rounds, which can be furthered with magazine mods.

Its main drawback comes from its low damage output and requiring a large investment into Gun Nut to use mods. It is able to overcome these downsides with increased modularity in the form of its ability to accept alternate stocks and barrel attachments such as a bayonet, compensator and muzzle brake.

Weapon modifications

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  • Legendary variant found next to the stag hunter's corpse during The Quantum Stag.
  • Non-legendary variants can be purchased from various weapon vendors.

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