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Mantis armor is a unique set of armor featured in Fallout 4.


Mantis armor is a legendary heavy leather armor set.


  • Mantis left arm guard
  • Mantis left greave


Mantis left arm guardEdit

  • Damage Protection: 15
  • Energy Protection: 23
  • Weight: 8.7
  • Value: 6,066 caps
  • Initial mods: Girded leather, Brawling
  • 10% chance to disarm melee attacker on hit

Mantis left greaveEdit

  • Damage Protection: 16
  • Energy Protection: 23
  • Weight: 7.8
  • Value: 6,075 caps
  • Initial mods: Boiled leather, Sleek
  • +1 Agility and Perception


Both parts are sold by the traveling caravan merchant Lucas Miller.

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