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This is a transcript for dialogue with Manny Vargas.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You have any luck with the ghouls? I'm counting on you. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 What's going on, man? 2
MannyVargasMVQ01Answer VMQ01MannyVargasAnswer Neutral 50 The guy you're looking for, Benny, he was traveling with some members from my old gang. They were going to Boulder City. 3
MannyVargasProtectTownFrom What do you protect your town from? Neutral 50 You name it. Anything that comes within a thousand yards that looks like trouble. 4
Neutral 50 Lately we been getting ghouls, coming from the road to REPCONN, out to the west. Quite a few, last couple days. 5
Neutral 50 The big threat is the Legion coming from the East. If they decide to attack with a full force they'll run us over. But so far we been lucky. 6
MannyVargasVMQ01 I'm looking for a man in a checkered coat. Neutral 50 Sure, I know him. What do you want with him? 7
I'm looking for a man in a checkered coat. Neutral 50 This again? You gonna help me out with what I need, or not? 8
MannyVargasVMQ01TurnIn The ghouls are no longer at REPCONN. Neutral 50 Really? Unbelievable, man! I knew that wasn't gonna be easy. 9
Neutral 50 But I had a good feeling about you. You look like you been through a lot. 10
MannyVargasWhatArgueWithBoonesWife What did you and Boone's wife argue about? Neutral 50 Man, you name it. 11
Neutral 50 See, I grew up in North Vegas. Me and my cousins. We were some bad seeds. Got in with a gang. I loved it. 12
Neutral 50 Then something happened, and I couldn't handle it anymore. 13
Neutral 50 So, I enlisted. Earned my future. Brought down my best friend to share that future with me. 14
Anger 20 And here was this woman who was too good for it, trying to take him away. So yeah. I didn't see eye-to-eye with the bitch. 15
So you were in some gang? Were they tough?
So you were in a gang? Were they tough? Neutral 50 Were they tough? I was in the Khans, man. It doesn't get any badder. {I can't believe you just asked me that.} 16
MannyVargasWhoAreYou Who are you? Neutral 50 I'm Manny. I'm on security detail here. 17
Neutral 50 You see a rifle barrel sticking out of the dinosaur's mouth, you got a fifty-fifty shot it's me. Otherwise it's Boone. 18
MannyVargasWhosBoone Who's Boone? Neutral 50 Boone's a sniper, same as me. Used to spot for him when we were enlisted with the NCR. 19
Happy 30 After we got out, I talked him into settling down here. So, here we are. 20
Neutral 50 I'd introduce you, but uh... we're not so friendly right now. 21
MannyVargasWhyOnBadTerms Why are you on bad terms with Boone? Disgust 10 Me and his wife, we didn't see eye-to-eye on some things. We had some pretty big arguments. 22
Surprise 10 One day she turns up missing, and he hasn't said a word to me since. 23
SnipersRevengeComeOutside Come with me. There's something you should see, in front of the dinosaur. Happy 35 What, now? This better be good. 24
Come with me. There's something you should see, in front of the dinosaur. Neutral 50 You say so, chief. 25
SnipersRevengeDidYouDoIt Did you have anything to do with Boone's wife's disappearance? Happy 25 Believe me. When I heard the news, my first thought was, I owe somebody. Big. I figured Boone would come around after a while. 26
Neutral 15 But he hasn't. And I'm starting to think that if he doesn't find her that things will never go back to the way they were. 27
SnipersRevengeHurtBoonesWife Who would want to hurt Boone's wife? Neutral 50 Man, everybody. That girl didn't have one friend in this whole town. She didn't want any. 28
Neutral 50 She wanted to sit in her room all day and make herself miserable. And she went out of her way to be rude. 29
Neutral 50 She upset a lot of people. You wouldn't have liked her, either. 30
SnipersRevengeTooFar SnipersRevengeTooFar Neutral 50 Maybe some other time. I'm not really in the mood for a hike. 31
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic000 I have a score to settle. Neutral 50 Doesn't surprise me. Guy seemed like he'd do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Probably makes a lot of enemies. 32
I have a score to settle. Neutral 50 Well listen, I can definitely help you find him, but I've got problems of my own. 33
Neutral 50 Maybe we can do a trade. You need my help. There's something I need, too. 34
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic001 What was your tour with the NCR like? Neutral 50 Oh, it was great. I wouldn't trade it. 35
Neutral 50 Something about that lifestyle, the discipline. Seeing new places, making people safe. What's not to like? 36
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic002 So why'd you leave? Neutral 50 Ah, well... I just felt like it was time, you know? Wanted to have a home. {Fidgety, dodging the real answer.} 37
Neutral 50 Plus I was up at Camp Golf when Bitter Springs went down. I faked like I was sick to get out of going, because I knew some of the people there. 38
Neutral 50 But when everybody came back nobody would tell me what happened. And people would call us murderers sometimes when we showed up to secure towns. 39
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic003 What did happen at Bitter Springs? Neutral 50 I still don't know exactly. Just that a lot of people died who didn't want to be part of the fighting at all. 40
Neutral 50 I don't blame anybody for it. There's so much chaos when you're fighting, you're lucky not to shoot your own guys. 41
Neutral 50 But it did take something out of it for me. Just wasn't the same. So when it came time to re-enlist, I just took my papers and walked. 42
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic004 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Sure thing. 43
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic005 He has something of mine. Neutral 50 You talking about that chip? Man, I don't think he's giving it up. 44
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic006 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 45
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic007 I'm looking for answers. Neutral 50 Must be something pretty important to be chasing a guy like that. 46
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic008 None of your business. Neutral 50 Hey, doesn't matter to me. I was just curious. 47
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic009 Whatever he's doing, I want in on it. Neutral 50 A piece of the action, huh? I don't think he's the sharing type, but okay. 48
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic010 <Lie> He's a good friend of mine. I'm trying to help him out. Neutral 50 {skeptical but going with it because he doesn't care} Oh yeah? A good friend? If you say so, man. 49
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic011 Forget it. I'll find him on my own. Neutral 50 {Shrugs} Hey, do what you want. I'm just trying to make it easier on you. 50
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic012 What do you need? Neutral 50 {NO-vack} Novac, it's home for me now. I want that to be for good. I like it here, and I've left too many homes behind. 51
Neutral 50 But the only resource we got here is junk. Without that, people wouldn't have anything to trade. They'd all have to leave. 52
Neutral 50 We get most of it up the road from the old rocket test site. But a bunch of ghouls showed up one day and took it over. We can't get in there now. 53
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic013 You've had your needs neglected for far too long, haven't you? I can tell. Neutral 50 Yeah, I... everybody depends on you, you know? But they don't ask you about how you feel. What you worry about. {Surprised at meeting an understanding soul.} 54
Neutral 50 There's something I like about you. You just seem really understanding. I was gonna ask you for a favor, but I'll just tell you what you wanna know. 55
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic014 Any idea why they went that way? Neutral 50 No clue. I know Benny hadn't paid up yet. Maybe that was where they were supposed to get square. 56
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic015 Where is Boulder City? Neutral 50 It's straight up Route 93 from here. Just keep following the road north. 57
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic016 That's all I needed to know. Neutral 50 Glad I could help. 58
Neutral 50 Hey, I know you got no reason to help me now, but you seem really nice. Could I at least tell you about the problem we've got here? 59
That's all I needed to know. Neutral 50 Hope that helps. I owed you. 60
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic017 Sure. Maybe I can help ease your mind. Neutral 50 See? I was right about you.{in a positive way} 61
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic018 I can't. I'm in a hurry. Neutral 50 Say no more. I hope things work out for you. 62
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic019 Why don't you deal with it? Neutral 50 I would. But I've gotta watch the road. Caesar's Legion has been taking territory just east of here. They took Nelson. 63
Neutral 50 If we let our guard down, they might attack. All it takes for the Legion is for them to sense weakness. 64
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic020 What needs to be done? Neutral 50 Well they gotta go, or this'll be a ghost town before long. 65
Neutral 50 Doesn't matter to me what you do. As long as the ghouls are out of there, that's good enough for me. 66
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic021 Okay, I'll see what can be done about it. Neutral 50 It'd mean a lot to me. 67
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic023 Now about the man I'm looking for... Neutral 50 Okay, I'll tell you everything I know, like I promised. 68
VDialogueNovacMannyVargasTopic024 What was I supposed to do again? Neutral 50 Just head over to the REPCONN test site west of here. See if you can get the ghouls out of there. 69


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, see you. 70
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 Hey. 71