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Show off all your wonderful outfits with this Basic Mannequin Set! Includes a Male and Female variant for the Mannequin.— Scoreboard description

The mannequin set is a pair of workshop objects in Fallout 76, introduced in the Locked & Loaded update.


A mannequin set offering a male and female body type. The mannequins have wooden heads, hands, and feet. The bodies are covered in a tan canvas, and are posed in a neutral stance, with the hands down by the sides and the feet slightly staggered. Both armor and clothing can be equipped on a mannequin, and the equipped items will fit the mannequin similarly to how the items would fit a player character of the corresponding body type. The equipped items will be stored in the character stash.


The mannequins are found under Displays in the workshop crafting menu. Crafting of mannequins is unlocked upon reaching rank 25 of the fourth season. The male and female mannequins have identical crafting requirements, and only 5 total mannequins can be crafted per build area.

Screw (1)
Wood (2)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Mannequin (1)


Craftable at any C.A.M.P or workshop with the correct materials after unlocking at rank 25 of season 4.

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