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Manhattan Projects Inc. was a pre-War company that produced nuclear weapons.


The company created Plutonius - a warhead, found by the Brotherhood of Steel in Gravestone.[1]


Manhattan Projects Inc. is only mentioned in Fallout Tactics.

Behind the scenes

Its name is a reference to the Manhattan Project, a US Army science project during World War II to create nuclear weapons.


  1. Plutonius bomb timer: "Nuclear Bomb armed and activated.
    Thank you for purchasing a product from Manhattan Projects Inc.
    To hear the countdown in French, please press 1.
    To hear the countdown in Spanish, please press 2.
    To hear the countdown in Southern Drawl, please press 3.
    If you are listening to this message, Manhattan Projects Inc. recommends that you run, seek shelter, and "Duck and Cover!"
    Have a nice day."

    (MIS 24 Speech.txt)