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Mandy was an employee of a shipping company doing business with Zion General Store in 2057.


An employee of the general store, Horace Applebaum, wrote to Mandy to ask when he could expect his recent order of De-Luxe Mountain Man All-In-One Survival Kits, which were already three weeks late.[1] He explained that the store had completely run out of the kits and they were needed as soon as possible, ahead of the summer tourist season.[1]

A month later, still having not received the order of survival kits, Horace instead received three crates of Dinky the Dinosaur(TM) Officially-Licensed Dino-Action Dolls.[2] He wrote a follow up email expressing his frustration to Mandy, stating that he was looking at a major financial loss and threatened to take his business elsewhere if the issues with shipping were not solved.[2]


Mandy's last name, Patrice, appears in the German version of the add-on.[3]


Mandy is mentioned in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


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