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For the location in Fallout 3, see Mama Dolce's.

Mama Dolce's Food Processing is a location within Morgantown, Appalachia, in 2102.


Mama Dolce's was a pre-War company that manufactured Blamco Brand Mac and Cheese, Cram, InstaMash, Salisbury Steak, Sugar Bombs, and numerous other processed foods. The company also served as a front for Chinese Intelligence, with their Arlington and Morgantown factories being the base of operations for Infiltrators in that area. The Morgantown factory hides the Fujiniya Intelligence Base, and is occupied by protectron and liberator model robots, still guarding the base from outsiders.


Mama Dolce’s Food Processing factory is located near the river in the outskirts of Morgantown. Pipes around the perimeter lead to a Fujiniya Intelligence Base hidden base below the building which can be accessed with the Mama Dolce's manager ID card which is found on a desk in one of the factory offices above.

The factory has two floors. The ground floor houses the main factory area and Manager Smith’s office. The office contains a locked (Hacker 0) terminal and an ensuite. On the factory floor, the food processing control terminal sits opposite a food hopper where ingredients can be fed into the machines and turned into delicious canned meat stew. There are some supplies behind a locked (Picklock 0) security gate in the corner of the factory floor. There is also a loading dock on this floor through which a locked (Picklock 1) truck can be accessed. Inside the truck is the skeleton of a soldier and some ammunition. The upstairs can be accessed via a staircase. There are lockers upstairs as well as another office area.

There are several sheds to the south of the factory. The larger shed down the hill contains a weapons workbench and power armor station. However, it has also been heavily trapped with mines and grenade bouquets. On the upper floor of this shed is a sniper’s nest with a clear view of the factory. A skeleton of another soldier can be found here next to a hunting rifle, some loose ammo and a locked (Picklock 0) ammo box. There is a fusion generator outside one of the smaller sheds.

Notable lootEdit

  • Mama Dolce's manager ID card - Sitting on a table in the upper area of the plant.
  • Field report: Mama Dolce's Food Processing - Holotape, sitting on the desk portion of the large red food processing control terminal, just below the screen.
  • Power armor chassis with T-series armor pieces - In a boobytrapped warehouse southwest of Mama Dolce's. It is the building with the outside stairway to the roof.
  • Two random weapon mods:
    • Behind a Picklock 0 security door, on a wall cabinet shelf.
    • Can appear on the third floor in the manager's open office, at the bottom of an empty filing cabinet on the far right.
  • Random armor plan - Can appear on the third floor in the manager's open office, at the bottom of an empty filing cabinet on the far right.
  • Fusion core - Inside the fusion core generator of the small warehouse immediately southwest of the factory.

Related questsEdit

  • Feed the People - A repeatable event that takes place at the factory.
  • I Am Become Death - The quest involving the preparation and launch of nuclear missiles in Appalachia.


Mama Dolce's Food Processing appears only in Fallout 76.

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