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An All-American Business— Company tagline

Mama Dolce's was a company before the Great War that created and packaged food in the United States.


Either founded by or acquired through shell companies, Mama Dolce's was once an expanding chain of packaged food processing plants on the East Coast of the United States that became a front for Chinese intelligence. Billed as "An All-American Business," its frozen dinner Sweet-and-Sour Stroganoff had shown strong growth with the youth demographic. Despite its popularity, the rising cost of domestic shipping incentivized them to cover their loss by any means necessary. They chose to increase their quotient of by-product use from regional affiliates in lumber milling industries while seeking alternative revenue streams where possible.[1] Using wood as a filler in their products wasn't the only way they were cutting the costs of their food, however; the yellow21-b ink used to make the packaging was also used as a flavoring.[2]

People's Liberation Army front

Mama Dolce's was a front for the People's Liberation Army to conduct espionage on American soil. For example, the processing plant in Arlington housed a contingent of special operatives and the processing plant in Morgantown sat atop the Fujiniya Intelligence Base where R&D for Stealth technology[3] and Liberator robots was its primary goal and acquiring nuclear launch codes to American silos its second.[4] Operating in select locations across America, Mama Dolce's served as an entry point for infiltrators. Weapons, such as Type 93 assault rifles and Shanxi type 17 pistols, were shipped into their factories to arm these infiltrators and American fifth columnists, while propaganda radio stations, such as People's Republic of America Radio, and propaganda flyers was secretly operated and distributed from within their facilities. Mama Dolce's operations would even allow the PLA to fast track shipments of "Mama Dolce's food" through military priority.[5]

However, these Chinese operations did not go unnoticed by US intelligence as Sugar Grove SigInt had traced Mama Dolce's money trail back to China after monitoring suspicious wire transfers from several shell companies several months before the Great War, but were unable to act.[6]


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Mama Dolce's is mentioned in Fallout 3 and Fallout 76.