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The Republic people of China salute your braveries. Find established cover operation of "Mama Dolce" food creation factory. Priority to rendezvous with selected team in covert operations of local area. Job and wage are secured for each within cover operation. Required to inform when first stage of operation is completed. Hail the People's Republic!— The Chinese remnant team's orders.

Mama Dolce's is a location in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It can be reached either through the Arlington Wasteland Metro, then east through Arlington Cemetery, or through the Arlington/Falls Church Metro in Falls Church.


An encrypted file in the terminal located in the upper section of the food distribution center can be decrypted by looting Mama Dolce's encryption key from the body of the Chinese remnants captain. The terminal reveals that Mama Dolce's was a front for Chinese intelligence and espionage throughout the D.C. area, and would most likely have served as the base of operations for other outposts scattered in the surrounding region.


Mama Dolce's food processing plant is divided into three parts, including the processing and food distribution areas as well as a loading yard. The first two can be entered from outside.

Between the entry-side of processed food and food distribution lies the loading yard, which is patrolled by several Chinese remnant soldiers. This map also contains two elevated corridors connecting the other two areas, each of which contains a Chinese remnant sniper. This wealth of connections and doors can make the local map confusing.

Notable loot[]

  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - Next to one of the snipers in the loading yard area.
  • Two Guns and Bullets - One is next to the other sniper on the opposite side of the loading yard and one is in a bathroom stall on the ground floor in the processed foods area.
  • Dean's Electronics - On a shelf in the middle of a stairway in the southwest corner of the processed food area. It is next to a phone, a toolbox, and a broken terminal.
  • Tumblers Today - In the food distribution area. Dropdown through two holes in the floor to the lower "cave" area to find the book next to two safes and a skeleton.
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - Outside, just north of the Mama Dolce's food distribution entrance behind some barrels, next to a dead wastelander, in an overturned storage container.
  • One Nuka-Cola Quantum - On a desk in an office in the upper level on the food distribution area.
  • Mama Dolce's encryption key - On the Chinese remnant captain in Mama Dolce's food distribution; unlocks desk terminal.
  • Three Stealth Boys - The first is located in the upper levels of the food distribution area under the desk which holds the Chinese captain's computer. The second is on the ground floor of the processed foods area through a set of double-doors (in the north near the Arlington Cemetery exit) located on a table to the right as one enters the room. The third is beside the turret control terminal when first walking into the food distribution area from the Arlington Cemetery south area.
  • 11 boxes of Sugar Bombs - In the food distribution area. These can be used in the unmarked quest Murphy's Bombing Run.
  • Two pre-War books - One is in the food distribution area, on an upper level next to a terminal. The second book can be found on/under a small table in the upper level in the southeast portion of the processed foods area.
  • A rare fixed rolling pin - On a table near the processed foods entrance.


  • In the loading yard, there is a gate that requires a key to open, but there is no corresponding key at the location because the gate does not lead anywhere. The other side of the gate was not intended to be accessed, and the alley is unfinished beyond the line of sight which leads into a blank area.
  • There is a switch in Mama Dolce's processed foods which can be activated but does nothing (its sole function is to be used by one of the Chinese ghouls to open the door beside it for an ambush). When entering from Arlington, it is in a room to the right, through the large elevated utility door.
  • In Mama Dolce's food distribution, in the cavernous section where the copy of Tumblers Today is located, standing on one of the safes gains access to a sewer grate which can be opened and closed.
  • On the encrypted computer, it can be noted that the food additive for flavor is the same as the printer ink.
  • Mama Dolce's loading yard is not in the same area on the world map as the Mama Dolce's building. This explains why the "People's Republic of America Radio" station can not be heard here.
  • One can find out what the Chinese ghouls are saying when they shout in Chinese by turning on the subtitles.
  • In food distribution, a catwalk on the intermediate level of one of the large factory areas connects only two Very Hard locked doors that open onto blank walls. It can only be accessed by jumping from the top catwalk.
  • This place is ideal for the unmarked quest Economics of Violence given by Pronto in Paradise Falls. There are many Chinese assault rifles to be found.
  • While in the loading yard, if a quest marker is active (for example the Citadel), it will show a highlighted route, with Mama Dolce's loading yard showing up as located west-northwest of Falls Church.
  • There is a car on the roof of Mama Dolce's with no explanation or inference as to how or why it is there.
  • There are 3 ammunition boxes that are smaller than average to the right of the door to food distribution from the processed foods section.
  • The factory's interior is incorrectly oriented with the real world outside. For instance, if one is in the food distribution area and is facing the door to the Arlington Cemetery, the compass will be pointing east. If one walks outside and stays facing the same way, the compass will be pointing north in the cemetery. Although unexplained, this discrepancy is consistent throughout the factory.


Mama Dolce's appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The name Mama Dolce's is a reference to a person in Fallout 3 level designer Joel Burgess' life.[1]
  • Additionally, in Italian, one of the meanings of the word "dolce" is "sweet," which is fitting, considering the abundance of Sugar Bombs throughout the factory.



  1. Fallout 4 Point Lookout Mod with Joel Burgess and Nate Purkeypile (1:15:17)
    Joel Burgess: "It's always a little bit of a mixed memorial, right? Mama Dolce's is based on someone in my life, and it's like... 'So, what did you do to memorialize me?' 'Oh, it's like a rotten food factory full of scumbags.'"