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Malpais is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


Malpais is situated near the banks of the Colorado River. Corporal Sterling mentions that he was caught by legionnaires near here, resulting in subsequent torture at the hands of the Legion.[1] He shares that he was able to escape by rolling down an embankment into the Colorado, rescued by nearby rangers, but the injuries he sustained were permanent.[2]


Malpais is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

This location may be referring to the cut location Malpais Legionnaire Camp, which appeared on an early map of Fallout: New Vegas, and is directly across the Colorado River from Camp Forlorn Hope.[3] The real world Malpais Wash is located here.[4]


  1. Courier: "Why did you leave the Rangers?"
    Sterling: "Well... that wasn't really a matter of choice. Got myself caught by Legionnaires, up near Malpais. They had themselves some fun with me... mangled my hands and feet pretty good. Wasn't much good with a pistol after that. Wasn't gonna be trekking across the waste on any more long scouts, either."
    (Sterling's dialogue)
  2. Courier: "How did you manage to escape Malpais?"
    Sterling: "Caesar's boys figured I wasn't going anywhere, after what they done to me. So they didn't bother tying me up. I crawled out of there on my elbows and knees. Must have looked a sight. Then I rolled down an embankment into the Colorado. Guess I had a mind to drown, rather than give Caesar's boys the satisfaction of killing me. But a couple Rangers happened to be watching from across the river. They jumped on in and pulled me out of there. Lucky break, they said."
    (Sterling's dialogue)
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