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Malden Center is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Malden Center is an underground Boston MTA station in central Malden, north of Cambridge with a colorful pre-War playground and park above. In an effort to brighten the area, the city of Malden constructed a park around the subway. Once a clear, clean, and an all-around great place for families and their children, the war turned it to little more than an overgrown field.

By 2287, the station became an encampment for Helter Skelter's raider crew who benefit from the easily defensible location and its relative secrecy, nesting in the luxury railway station deep below the metro railways. By the time the Sole Survivor arrives, the Institute's synths have assaulted and slaughtered the raiders, as part of a campaign to systematically remove the raiders from the area.[1]


Malden Center subway station is divided into two levels linked together via two elevators. The top level is inhabited by synths and dead raiders while the bottom level is inhabited by both groups fighting one another. Upon entering, escalators and stairs descend to the main subway platform. The east side of the platform has a room to the north containing an elevator, while the tunnel also leads north through the subway car before reaching a small raider outpost. To the east is the hallway to the side which leads south to an Advance-locked door concealing the room with the elevator.

The elevator leads down to a maintenance sublevel. A hole in the wall leads into a cavernous hallway that leads back into a luxurious railway station under Malden, which has been converted into a raider camp. The western end of the camp has a cooking station and a weapons workbench in a shack, as well as a hallway leading to another elevator. This elevator leads up to the entrance to the metro, through a chained door.


Notable loot

  • Tumblers Today issue #4 and an overdue book - In the easternmost red/orange freight train car on the lower level, in the same room where the synths and raiders are fighting.
  • Eddie Winter holotape 2 - In the Malden police station, on the second floor, in the southeast corner.
  • Fat Man - South of the subway train on the eastern track next to a bed.
  • Two mini nukes - One in the southwest corner of the main lower subway tunnel, under some scaffolding on a pile of rubble, in the same room as the room where synths and raiders are fighting (Helter Skelter room). The second is tucked under the bottom shelf of the locker to the right of the elevator door after leaving the Helter Skelter room.
  • Three fusion cores - One in the generator just after descending in the elevator on the main level, one in the cardboard box next to the generator and one on the ground in front of the generator.
  • Bottlecap mine - On the floor in the room where the synths and raiders are fighting. In the area with the weapons workbench and trunk.

Related quests


If the Sole Survivor is allied with the Institute upon arriving, there will be no combat until reaching the room with Helter Skelter, as all the other raiders are dead and the synths will not be hostile.


Malden Center appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

In real-life, Malden Center is an elevated station served by the Orange Line T, multiple MBTA bus lines and MBTA commuter rail.


Icon xboxone.png Sometimes on the power armor's minimap line, its icon is replaced with the icon of a metro station.[verified]



  1. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p. 286: "[2.21] MALDEN CENTER
    A public park surrounds the entrance to the subway, an attempt by the city to brighten up the area. The station park was clear and clean and a great place for families and children. Previous to your arrival, a band of roving raiders moved into the subway, creating a small community of shacks and a broken subway car. They've lived here for a while, stealing from and murdering nearby caravans and living the good raiding life. As you arrive, you may see synth units on the prowl, systematically removing all Raiders from the vicinity. Remember to carefully navigate the interior of this station; there are elevators to use if you wish to reach the main Raider base and the trunk."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)