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You belong in the lower section of the city. It's more... suitable for those lacking in ambition.

Malcom Latimer is a wealthy resident and an associate of the Triggermen living in Diamond City in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Malcom grew up a poor, lower class Diamond City resident.[1]. Being forced to turn to crime due to his circumstances, he eventually met Paul Pembroke and Henry Cooke. Together, they orchestrated a massive heist on Marowski in 2267, who was back then the most powerful drug kingpin and crime boss of the Commonwealth.[2] A warehouse full of chems belonging to Marowski was stolen by the gang, dealing a massive blow to Marowski's drug empire. Marowski, despite putting up a huge bounty on the heist perpetrators, never knew who their identities were.[3]

Meanwhile, Malcom, having gotten very wealthy from the spoils of the heist, decided to settle down in Diamond City with his fortune, investing it on a number of businesses. Over the years, Malcom would go on to become one of the richest and most powerful residents in Diamond City, in his own words, "practically running Diamond City" by paying Mayor McDonough into doing his bidding.[1]

Malcom Latimer has a son, Nelson Latimer. He can be found outside of the Colonial Taphouse during the daytime or might approach the Sole Survivor at the center of Diamond City near the chapel.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.

Effects of player's actions

  • If the Sole Survivor claims Marowski killed his son, he will offer four hundred caps to kill him and the player character will lose affinity with Piper, Hancock, Curie, Preston Garvey, Nick Valentine and Strong. Pass the following persuasion check for 200 more caps, for 600 total. Malcom will comment on how the player character must think highly of themselves and begrudgingly agree to the higher amount.
  • If accusing Paul of the murder, he will offer two hundred caps instead and the player character will lose affinity with John Hancock or Curie.
  • If the player character admits to the murder and then passes a persuasion check, Malcom will not do either of the above and the player character will gain affinity from Piper, Curie, Codsworth, Nick Valentine, Danse and Preston, but lose affinity with Cait and MacCready. If the aforementioned persuasion check is failed, Malcom will periodically send Triggermen after the player character.
  • If Malcom is still alive once The Marowski Heist quest has been completed (if one refuses Marowski's request to kill him), Malcom will be killed by Triggermen soon afterward upon the player character returning to Diamond City. The Triggermen will not be hostile to the player character.

Other interactions

  • If the player character succeeds in the Charisma check, Malcom asks if the Sole Survivor knows who killed his son.
  • He will cease to send the Triggermen if a fee of two thousand caps is paid or upon his death.



In the game code, his Editor ID is spelled MalcolmLatimer with the second 'l', but, in the name category, it is spelled Malcom without the second 'l', and thus in-game he is seen spelled Malcom despite other code references to him spelled Malcolm.


Malcom Latimer appears only in Fallout 4.


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