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This underground structure was originally intended to be someone's budget version of a Vault. Its new life as a supply cache for the Brotherhood of Steel is likely to attract unwanted attention.Fallout 76 loading screen

The makeshift vault is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia.


A nuclear fallout shelter constructed by former Vault-Tec Corporation contractors using supplies and materials stolen from Vault construction sites in Appalachia. The builders decided on this course of action after they were informed that they'd not receive a spot in the Vaults they helped build due to being "unessential." By October 2077, the work was mostly completed, with construction on this "budget" Vault well ahead of schedule.[1][2]

After the Great War, the constructors perished, with the War Party from the Crater taking over the area, using it as a stockpile for the stolen Hellstorm missile launchers.

After the events of Property Rights, Shin notes that Protectrons will be set up to guard it, while the actual shelter will be used as a midpoint for northern Appalachian patrols by the Brotherhood.[3]


The exterior is adorned with nothing more than a broken-down vehicle and a simple, red shack door leading into a cave. Upon entering the cave, a long tunnel with scattered Brotherhood of Steel supply crates. Around the corner is a large cavern, filled with Brotherhood and Vault-Tec supplies, as well as construction equipment, a broken Protectron, a fusion generator, and a weapons workbench.

At the far end of the cavern is the shelter itself with a bank vault door leading to a living area. Within the living area is the corpse of a miner, buried in a cave-in. A few feet from this corpse are two graves, each decorated with a hat and flowers, one of which has a quantum bear.

Notable loot

  • Brotherhood note - Note, pinned to the pool table next to the destroyed robot, only available after Property Rights is completed.
  • One last trip - Note, inside of the vault itself. After entering through the vault door, it is immediately to the left, on a wooden desk.
  • Unessential - Note, on a table next to a ham radio, on the northern side of the large room before going into the vault itself.
  • Potential magazine - On the small stand next to the bed, to the left after passing the vault door.
  • Potential bobblehead - In the back-left of the last room, right next to three stacked mattresses.


A googie terminal can be found half-buried into the ground on the lower level of the makeshift vault. It is still operational, and one can see the screen flicker, indicating that it is still powered, but it cannot be interacted with.


The makeshift vault appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.

Behind the scenes

Level designer David Dobert and environmental artist Connor McCampbell contributed to the design of the makeshift vault.[4]



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