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Makeout Point is a location in the Skyline Valley region of Appalachia.



Makeout Point is a cliff near the entrance of Skyline Drive overlooking Shenandoah National Park, with a small wooden cabin for restrooms and a large boulder. Three destroyed cars and one Pick-R-Up truck are found around the area, all of which contain one male and one female skeleton (couples who were killed when the Great War struck). When approaching from the west, the bathrooms are closest, though they have little of note except for an imported Chinese panda in one toilet bowl and a possible Vault-Tec bobblehead spawn in the rafters above.

The closest vehicle to the bathrooms is the pickup truck. The skeletons are in the truck bed, which has a picnic blanket and pillows laid in it, and the note Date night is near them. The next car to the east has golf equipment, including a golf outfit and several golf balls in the trunk, while another Vault-Tec bobblehead can spawn in the driver area. The next car is parked alongside the rope railing, and the skeletons are halfway through both windshields. One of the car seats has been placed outside the car, with a Comrade Chubs and the note Propaganda leaflet pinned to it. The dead body of Miles can be found leaning over the railing nearby, and can be interacted with during Into Lands Unknown.

Heading further east towards the road, there is a tree with a ranger stash, and a nearby picnic table with a pair of binoculars and an acoustic guitar next to a (different) tree. From there, the car closest to the road seems to have been undergoing repairs, and has a cooler in a trunk.

The large boulder has several graffitied initials and hearts on its west and east faces: "R+L 4 EVER," "D+L," "Z+D," "C+S," "S+L," "M+C," "J+G," and "G+S." On top of the boulder are two skeletons on sleeping bags with a lunch pail next to them.

A crashed trailer truck west of Makeout Point has several containers in the back, including a metal box with food.

Notable loot[]

  • Miles' hat - Quest item, found on a lower ledge below the cliff, approximately in front of where Miles' corpse is found.
  • Date night - Note, in the back of the Pick-R-Up truck.
  • Propaganda leaflet - Note, on a car seat with a teddy bear.
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead
    • One in the rafters of the bathrooms.
    • One in the front seat area of the car with golf equipment.


Makeout Point appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.

Behind the scenes[]

The boulder found at this location featuring several couples' initials is a reference to many of the developers on Fallout 76 and their significant others; this detail was revealed by Double Eleven environment artist Stewart Morrison.[Non-game 1]




  1. Stewart Morrison on Twitter: "They are indeed all devs and their partners initials but that’s such a happy coincidence it fits with yours and your partners too!"