They seem to be sensitive to light. Nocturnal. If I could get a sample of their poison, especially the venom production sac located in their tail, I could create an anti-venom.Razlo

Make Poison Antidote is an unmarked quest in Fallout.


To complete this quest, all you need to do is give Razlo a radscorpion tail.

Locations of scorpion tails:

  • If the Vault Dweller speaks to Aradesh and agrees to help his people by destroying the radscorpions, the player will begin the quest Stop the Radscorpions. Speak to Seth about traveling to the caves.
    • Inside the cave you will find 9 radscorpions.
  • There are random encounters with radscorpions that can occur anywhere on the world map.
  • Radscorpions will spawn around the entrance to Vault 15 the first time you visit.

Talk to Dr. Razlo and there should be an option to give him the scorpion tail. In return you'll get a poison antidote and 250 XP.


For extra experience, the player can go behind the curtain in Dr. Razlo's house to find a man laying on a futon, then hold the mouse button and select the bag icon to open the inventory. Click on a bottle of antidote to use it on the man, who is named Jarvis. Jarvis is the brother of Seth, the captain of Shady Sands' guard. Jarvis was poisoned by a radscorpion, and if you heal him you will receive 400 XP.

If the Vault Dweller is low on health after fighting the radscorpions, there is a way to receive free healing instead of wasting stimpaks: talk to Dr. Razlo (before giving him the tail) and ask to be healed, he'll give a price for his services. Refuse to pay for his medical services, you should be able to offer him a radscorpion tail instead of money. By doing this, Dr. Razlo will heal you to full health for free, while also giving you the antidote and 250 XP. He'll even do this at night.



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