Maintenance Man is an unmarked quest in Fallout 4.


After a brief conversation with Calvin Whitaker, he will buy any tools from the Sole Survivor for 15 caps a piece. The tools he seeks include:

Calvin will not buy any other tools from the Sole Survivor, even ones that would seem to make sense, like gardening tools and cleaning tools and some uncommon hammers.


  • Calvin disappears shortly after entering Vault 81 (see bugs), seen conversing with Overseer McNamara. However, she can be ignored and Calvin can be spoken to normally, including making his offer to buy tools. Thus, if the player character comes to the vault for the first time with the tools they wish to sell already in hand, they can collect a payout from him before he becomes inaccessible. (One must ignore McNamara initially, her conversation will drag on long enough that Calvin will disappear.)
  • Depending on the time of day when the player character first arrives at Vault 81, Calvin may appear normally outside the hall leading to the overseer's office. At midnight, he will begin walking to the bathroom on the far end of the second floor residences and disappear at around 12:30 AM.
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