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Trust in Atom, but don't leave the bay without stocking up. You need something?— Mai to the Sole Survivor

Sister Mai is the general shopkeeper of the Children of Atom at the Nucleus in 2287.


Sister Mai is the general supply merchant and a mechanic of the Nucleus, originally from the Commonwealth. She does not communicate with her family anymore, as she fully embraced the cult as her new family. This is evidenced by her trying to help a homesick Child of Atom. They wanted her to acquire some of the famous "Power Noodles," though she had no reference for its taste and instead promoted her recipe.[1]

She also carries a stock of anti-radiation medicine for Children who do not have congenital radiation resistance, giving the Children both the ability to "scour" themselves, as the practice became known in a sort of penance. She can be a good source of information on the group's beliefs and practices.[2]

As a general mechanic, she successfully modified the decontamination arches at the entrance of the Nucleus. This pet project of hers was done so the Children would have a place for ablutions. However, she is lacking an industrial-grade pump regulator to complete the modification.[3][4][5][6] Her simple modification can be easily reverted as it was itself merely a bypass, although this would disappoint the Children.[7][8]

As a devout Child of Atom, she is wary of the effects the loyalty tests have on their appearance, although she agrees with its lessons and results. She expresses to the Sole Survivor that trust is important among members, and encourages them not to fall into disfavor with the high confessor.[9][10][11]

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Sister Mai appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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    (Sister Mai's dialogue)