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A world-renowned artist needs your help.

Magnum Opus is a cut event in Fallout 76.


Vincent May-Lilly is a world-renowned artist needs some help: "You appear to be of the discerning and capable sort. I could use some assistance procuring supplies... Aren't you lucky to play a small role in the creation of my magnum opus! But do please be quick about it. I'm anxious to begin!"

Vincent's unusual art supplies are randomly selected from the following items:

  • Pencil
  • Plunger
  • Random chems
  • Random weapons
  • Fusion cores
  • Mini nuke

You'll also be asked by Vincent to identify pictures:

  • "And one final question, if you'll oblige me. One of these is mine, the other two are imitations. Can you tell the true work of art formIn-game spelling the rubbish?"
  • "Have a look at these. Both heralded by critics as true Vincent May-Lilly masterpieces. The one from my younger impertinent years, the other just prior to the accident rendering me the brain-in-a-can standing before you... Let me ask you, which do you prefer?"

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Bring Vincent <ObjectiveA> (#/#)
Bring Vincent <ObjectiveB> (#/#)
Bring Vincent <ObjectiveC> (#/#)
Wait for the Unveiling (MM:SS)


Magnum Opus was accidentally enabled during a patch.[citation needed]