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For the Fallout 4 junk item, see Magnifying glass (Fallout 4).
For the Fallout 76 junk item, see Magnifying glass (Fallout 76).

FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogo.pngThe following is based on information from Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online.
This ant immolator might not work as well on Radroaches.— In-game description

A magnifying glass is a common junk item in Fallout Shelter.


A pre-war magnifying glass with a wooden handle and glass lense. Used to craft common and rare outfits and weapons.


Items Name Count
Weapons Armor piercing sniper rifle 3
Excited Institute rifle 5
Incendiary Institute pistol 3
Institute rifle 3
Laser rifle 2
Laser pistol 2
Tuned laser rifle 2
Tuned laser pistol 3
Butcher knife 2
Scoped Institute pistol 3
Institute pistol 2
Scoped .44 1
Rusty sniper rifle 2
Rusty laser rifle 3
Rusty laser pistol 1
Rusty scoped .44 1
Sniper rifle 2
Focused laser rifle 2
Focused laser pistol 3
Enhanced sniper rifle 3
Improved Institute pistol 2
Enhanced scoped .44 1
Hardened sniper rifle 3
Amplified laser pistol 3
Outfits Radiation suit 1
Survivor armor 2
Librarian outfit 4
Mayor outfit 4
Wasteland doctor 2
Professor outfit 4
Surgeon outfit 2
Lab coat 1
Wasteland gear 1
Sturdy wasteland gear 3
Advanced radiation suit 3
Advanced lab coat 1
Theme Railroad diner 4
Railroad living quarters 2


  • Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland
  • Finding them randomly during quests
  • From quest rewards
  • Breakdown weapons and outfits


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