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This black sphere is some strange precognitive device... a small window on the top seems to be able to predict the future! Pre-war humanity must have been geniuses to invent such a wonder!

The magic 8-ball is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


Sometimes it is almost impossible to decide the correct course of action. With this potent prognosticator, decisions are easy. A truly lucky character may receive some special insight from the magic 8-ball.


Using the 8-ball displays vague (if promising) "fortunes," similar to those on real world magic 8-balls popular in the 1970s. Rarely, the player character will instead receive a clue to various secrets in Fallout 2. In many cases, knowing the location of the secrets is not enough; until the player activates the clue from the 8-ball, the secrets don't actually exist. None of this type of secrets offer rewards that can't be missed, other than maybe the secret password to the computer.


The magic 8-ball can be retrieved from the empty pool table on the second floor of the Bishops' Shark Club, just near the stairs to the 3rd floor.


  • What kind of an asshole question is that?
  • Outlook good.
  • Outlook not so good.
  • My reply is no.
  • Don't count on it.
  • You may rely on it.
  • Ask again later.
  • Most likely.
  • Cannot predict now.
  • Yes.
  • Yes, definitely.
  • Better not to tell you now.
  • It is certain.
  • Very doubtful.
  • It is decidedly so.
  • Concentrate and ask again.
  • Signs point to yes.
  • My sources say no.
  • Without a doubt.
  • Reply hazy, try again.
  • As I see it, yes.
  • Stop shaking me so hard. It hurts.
  • You have a strong right arm.
  • Please wipe your hands before shaking me again.
  • Temporarily out of service.
  • Closed by order of the RPG Board.
  • Keep shaking me, and there'll be trouble.
  • I'm getting sick.
  • I'm getting nauseous.
  • Your hands are warm.


With Luck of 9 or higher:

  • Feargus was against putting me in the game. He's a big meanie.
  • Your score is 23 out of 100. You have quite a ways to go yet.
  • Scott Everts sighs a lot when he sees how many inventory items are in the game.
  • Look in the first floor men's bathroom toilet in the Mordino casino in New Reno.
  • Somebody buried some cash beneath the cross labeled 'Trash' in Golgotha.
    • Gets you $374.
  • Go back and talk to Father Tully in New Reno after you have finished the game.
  • There is an Easter egg somewhere in New Reno.
  • Stop shaking me so hard.
  • Your LUCK is very high. Keep shaking me for clues!
  • Yes, we KNOW Descent to Undermountain was crap.
  • If you sell Bessie to the butchers in Modoc, you can set her free again.
    • Selling her is worth 300 meat jerky and -5 Karma. Saving her is worth +10 Karma, but a Modoc reputation drop.
  • Pay attention to what Curtis says after you return Mr. Nixon doll to him in Vault City.
    • His floating dialogue leads you to a wrench.
  • With the feuding couple in Broken Hills, the wife really did throw the Cat's Paw in the trash.
    • The small blue pot outside the house is the resident trash bin.
  • You need a high STR *and* a high END to have a chance of beating Francis in the arm-wrestling contest.
  • The code to activate the first terminal in the Vault in Vault City is 3PCF186.

Behind the scenes

It seems that Feargus and Scotty did win out in the end; the older version of the 8-ball's dialogue mentions it being used as a weapon. It cannot be used to throw or punch now, though.