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Magic: The Gathering is a strategy card game, published by Wizards of the Coast and originally created by Richard Garfield in 1993. It is an expansive game system that can be played in many different formats.

In August 2023, it was announced that a Fallout crossover set would be introduced to Magic: The Gathering through its Universes Beyond series. It will be released in March 2024. The set consists of four decks of 100 cards in the Commander format.[1][2][3]

Universes Beyond is a crossover line in the long-running playing card series. Some cards are "reprints," meaning they are functionally identical to previous cards in name and function, but feature Fallout-themed art. (These cards may be used as aesthetic alternatives in other competitive contexts.) Other cards are new and specific to this set, meant to be played as a distinct game mode.


The game involves two players battling customized decks, in which cards represent warriors, forces, resources, and tactics in an abstract battle, waged by warlords and sorcerers across many realms. This existing format and iconography has been re-tooled to fit the Fallout setting.

Game mechanics are likened to fictional concepts, and each card expresses or characterizes the concept it depicts through its gameplay function. For example, the cards that comprise a player's deck are abstracted as the player's "mind," and if a player runs out of cards, they lose. The Wise Mothman compels the opponent to "mill" (discard from their deck) cards regularly. In the semiotics of the game, the opponent is effectively "being driven mad" by the creature's presence, because it is causing sustained damage to their "mind."

The Fallout crossover introduces a unique gameplay mechanic called radiation, where players accrue rad counters and are forced to mill cards and take damage over time. The set also includes a new type of card called Junk Tokens which allow players to salvage a card from the top of their deck.


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