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Yup. Born and raised in that dying mining town. I was glad to leave that shithole, especially after what happened to my pops.— Maggie regarding Monongah

Maggie "Mags" Williams is a settler living in the Appalachian town of Foundation.


Maggie was born and raised in Monongah by her father Earle, with her mother, a suspected chem addict, leaving the family early on.[1][2] She gave her father a pocket watch with "Love you Pops ♡ Mags" engraved on it. The watch had a photograph of Maggie and her father inside and he always kept it with him.

After her father and some of his miner colleagues got trapped inside Monongah Mine, due to Deke Sykes blowing up the entrance in January 2076,[3] she tried to gain entry to the mine to search for her father, but was unsuccessful due to too much rubble being in the way. She was told by the workers that her father was somewhere else, although she did not entirely believe them and suspected the workers were paid by Hornwright Industrial to keep silent or the company didn't want to deal with the expenses of a rescue mission. With no one offering to help her clear the rubble just to make sure anyway, Maggie clawed at the rubble until her hands bled, but she was forced to be escorted away and all she could do was hope that the workers were being truthful.[4]

Two and a half decades later, Maggie resides in Foundation and wishes to find closure on her father. She accepts that her father must be dead from either starvation or radiation, although hopes he did not suffer in his final moments.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Something Sentimental

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A Colossal Problem


  • Something Sentimental: Maggie asks the player character to find her father in Monongah Mine and suggests using a nuke to blow open the entrance. She also wishes for the player character to find her father's pocket watch which is engraved and has a photograph of Maggie and her father inside.
  • A Colossal Problem: Maggie needs to be given Earle's pocket watch.

Other interactions[]

  • The player character may choose to be truthful about her father's fate or lie to her. Maggie becomes angered if she is lied to about nothing being found, not believing the Vault Dweller, though the player can keep the pocket watch. If she is told about the pocket watch, this will reward 300 XP whether or not the full truth is told. She is also surprised if she is called Mags, noting only her father called her that.
  • A father's goodbye, picked up near the beginning of Monongah Mine, can be given to Maggie who is thankful to hear her father's voice.
  • Once Penelope Hornwright moves to Foundation, Maggie can be asked for her thoughts. Due to her past experiences with the Hornwright family, who engaged in unfair worker practices, she is wary towards the only surviving member, Penny, and remarks that Penny's current ghoulish appearance is a reflection of who is she as a person.[5]


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Maggie Williams appears in Fallout 76, introduced in The Legendary Run update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "Are you from Monongah?"
    Maggie Williams: "Yep, born and raised in that dying mining town. I was glad to leave that shithole, especially after what happened to my pops."
    (Maggie Williams' dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "What about your mom?"
    Maggie Williams: "What about her? She left us early on. Who knows what got to her first; the chems or the bombs."
    (Maggie Williams' dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "How did he end up in Monongah Mine?"
    Maggie Williams: "He and some other townsfolk got some liquid courage one night and decided to go up to the mine. I knew that damn bourbon would be the end of him somehow. They kept goin' on about getting the last of what they could before that Deke Sykes from Hornwright Industrial closed up the mine. Well, that son of a bitch ended up blastin' the entrance closed with everyone still inside."
    (Maggie Williams' dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "Why didn't anyone try to get them out?"
    Maggie Williams: "You don't think I tried?! I clawed at the rubble until my hands bled and they had to drag me away. They told me that my pops ran off, and said the others left Monongah since there was no more work. I think it was some sort of cover up. They either got paid off by the Hornwrights to keep quiet, or they didn't want to deal withe the expenses of a rescue mission."
    (Maggie Williams' dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "You know Penny Hornwright is in Foundation, right?"
    Maggie Williams: "Yeah, I know she's in town. I've been keeping an eye on her. Shame about her face... I guess the Hornwright's ugliness is finally showin' up on the outside."
    (Maggie Williams' dialogue)