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This is a transcript for dialogue with Maggie Stern.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
30 0054279D 00544D17 Mom says I can get a calibrated .44 with a comfort grip and a short scope for my birthday.
31 I still get to keep my light frame 10mm short barrel with the silencer though.
32 00544D18 Cole... I mean agent Carver, is the only one that will play with me. He's nice. We go hunting radroaches.
33 00544D19 It's so boring here. Everyone is so... old. petulant
34 00544D1A Mess with me and my mom will fuck you up.
98 0058B9B1 0058C573 Tow the line stranger, or I'll take you out like yesterday's garbage.
115 0058F9FB 0058FA17 You bet. I help my mom keep the peace. Shot three Wastelanders just like you last week.
116 They talked too much. Just like you.
117 0058F9FD 0058FA28 Yes, she is. She's the toughest, meanest fighter you'll ever meet. proud
118 0058F9FF 0058FA18 And I can back it up you waste of space.
119 My mom taught me to shoot when I was four years old.
120 I once punched Slick in the nuts just for laughing at me.
121 I could handle you with one hand while I brush my toy pony with the other.
140 00593D2A 00544D16 What are you looking at tough guy?
143 0058C574 I've got my eyes on you.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
296 0058C572 What are you looking at?