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Madison Young was an employee of Vim! Pop Incorporated before the Great War.


Madison organized schedules, filed expense reports and generally kept things working and in line at the company. In 2077, Vim! underwent a series of changes, including threats of a buyout from the Nuka-Cola Corporation. Some events included ensuring the Vim Captain's Blend prototyping was worthy of approval and not needless expenditures,[1] and organizing meetings.[2]

However, behind all of this, Madison was working alongside Aubrey Copland and Nuka-Cola employee Vernon Conroy to force the aforementioned buyout. Doyle Reed threatened to fire her once he discovered that she had scheduled a meeting with Nuka-Cola executives behind his back, at the request of the shareholders.[3] Madison also asked for the recipe to Vim Captain's Blend to set up bulk ordering for production, a move that was questioned by Iris Mason.[4] Madison requested the cancellation of several TV ads[5] and declined Willis Rudd's demand for hazard pay after several Vim! trucks were "hit" in a single week.[6][7]

Madison was also a member of the Bar Harbor Bowling League, and often met with Aubrey to play at Beaver Creek Lanes.[2] Out of 73 games, her handicap was 109, her average was 98, adjusted to 207, and her best was 112.[8]


Madison Young is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


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