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Madigan scouting report - Garrahan is a holotape in Fallout 76. It contains Hank Madigan's report on the state of Garrahan Mining Headquarters.


The tape is found in the second floor office of the Charleston Fire Department, on the desk next to the master terminal, and knowledge exam cheat sheet.


Melody Larkin: You don't mind if I record?

Hank Madigan: You're captain, Melody. Don't need my permission.

Melody Larkin: Hmph. So, how's it look out there, Hank?

Hank Madigan: Well, I found some more survivors. Started shooting at me the second they saw me, like the rest.

Melody Larkin: Sounds about par for the course. Seems there's not a sane mind south of Mount Blair. Anything else?

Hank Madigan: Ash is piling up faster than we expected. But going by the maps the earlier teams did, it at least doesn't seem to be spreading anymore.

Melody Larkin: So we've only lost Welch, Beckley, Lewisburg and everything around 'em. Little blessings, I suppose.

Hank Madigan: Oh. And actual good news. Garrahan Mining.

Melody Larkin: Been a long time since I've heard "good news" and "Garrahan Mining" said back to back.

Hank Madigan: No kidding. But that Excavator armor they made. Ruined the company? Rumor is it's tough as nails, and they've still got the plans on site. Could you imagine what a patrol would be like if we could figure out how to make those things?

Melody Larkin: Locals would hopefully be a lot less inclined to shoot first.

Hank Madigan: Bingo. You give a day or two, I can head back down there, see what I can-

Melody Larkin: No. Garrahan can wait. You need rest. Head up to Morgantown. That Excavator armor'll still be there. Now go.