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Madigan encounter is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The tape can be found in Raleigh Clay's bunker, on a desk next to the front door to the living quarters.


Eddie Hayes: Is it recording? Make sure it's recording.

Abbie: I got it, Eddie, it's recording... Jesus.

Raleigh: All right, Madigan, you want to explain why we found you out there tampering with our stuff?

Hank Madigan: Hey, you guys are always holed up in your bunkers, how else can I get your attention? Besides, a crazy contraption like that? Of course I'm gonna try to figure it out. And by the way you guys came out fully armed and ready to fight, I'm guessing it's pretty big.

Niraj: What you nearly broke was a Scorchbeast lure. It's the best defense we have against them.

Hank Madigan: Whoa, you're telling me you're luring those things down? You've got some balls, Free States. Even with your numbers, taking on a beast is no easy task.

Raleigh: It doesn't just lure them down. We found some research and tech at one of the Brotherhood's old outposts. Ella realized if we can blast a Scorchbeast with a certain frequency, it disorients it long enough for us to go in and take it out. Niraj and Abbie started work on the tech. We tested it. And it works.

Hank Madigan: This is a real game changer, Raleigh... if what you say is true.

Raleigh: It's true, Hank. And this system would be done if it weren't for those damn Raiders.

Hank Madigan: Look, if this is as big as you think it is, the Fire Breathers can handle any Raiders. But I need to know how this system works and see it in action first.

Raleigh: If you think we're just going to reveal our work to an ex-Brotherhood member, think again. You want to see how this system works, then you've got some serious trust to earn.