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The reading room for the discreet gentleman.

Madame Jealle's (called Shop in-game) is a small shop located west of the cafe in L'Enfant Plaza, behind Besnik's Barbershop.


A pre-War adult bookstore, euphemistically billed on its sign as the "Reading Room for the Discreet Gentleman."


The entrance to the shop is a blue door in an alley behind Besnik's Barbershop northwest of the Capitol Post building. Besnik's Barbershop is located across from L'Enfant Café, where one can see a motorcycle out front. Besides the abundance of super mutants located in L'Enfant Plaza, two more spawn by the alley and two more at the other end. Beware that a trip wire that is linked to a trapped pipe is located just at the entrance of the alley.

The door from L'Enfant opens into a stairwell, which leads downward, into the main room. Several mannequins line the walls, and a couple of chairs dot the room. The front counter is the only major fixture in the otherwise small room. An Average locked safe containing a Stealth Boy is built into the back wall behind the counter.


Madame Jealle's appears only in Fallout 3.