The reading room for the discreet gentleman.

Madame Jealle's (called Shop in-game), euphemistically billed on its sign as the "Reading Room for the Discreet Gentleman", is a small shop located west of the cafe in L'Enfant Plaza, behind Besnik's Barbershop. The entrance is in an alleyway behind the building. This was probably a pre-War "adult" store for men.



The entrance to the shop is a blue door in an alley behind Besnik's Barbershop northwest of the Capital Post building. Besnik's Barbershop is located across from L'Enfant Café. L'Enfant Café can be located by a huge sign that says "L'Enfant Café" and a motorcycle which are out in front and can be seen from the street. Besides the abundance of super mutants located in L'Enfant Plaza, two more spawn by the alley and two more at the other end. Beware that a trip wire that is linked to a trapped pipe is located just at the entrance of the alley.


The door from L'Enfant opens into a stairwell, which leads downward, into the main room. Several mannequins line the walls, and a couple of chairs dot the room. The front counter is the only major fixture in the otherwise small room. An Average locked safe containing a Stealth Boy is built in to the back wall behind the counter.


Madame Jealle's appears only in Fallout 3.


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