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Your intimate knowledge of gadgets and explosives have combined to make you... the Mad Bomber! At Workbenches, you have special Explosives recipes unlocked for use.— In-game description

Mad Bomber is a perk added by the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.


Specialized training is now available for wastelanders with a talent for Repair and a love of Explosives. Crafting tin grenades, fat mines, and even devastating nuka-grenades are a snap with this handy perk.

Crafting weapons

Weapon Skill required Components
Bottlecap mine, efficient¹ Explosives 85
Fat mine Explosives 80
MFC cluster Explosives 70
MFC grenade Explosives 50
Nuka-grenade Explosives 60
Time bomb, high yield Explosives 70
Tin grenade Explosives 25
¹ Creates a normal bottlecap mine from fewer components.


  • All explosives made with the perk have Mad Bomber in parentheses after the weapon name in addition to the GRA in parentheses.
  • All explosives made with this perk require an explosives skill higher than that required for the perk, except for the tin grenade.