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The machine parts factory is a location in Fallout Shelter.


The vault dwellers enter the factory from the ground floor into a medium sized lounge. From here the dwellers must travel through a larger room and another medium sized lounge to the elevator on the far right.

The second floor, like the first consists of three rooms. The first room the dwellers enter after exiting the elevator room is another large room, identical to the one on the first floor. The next room is of medium size and three Brotherhood of Steel members can be found inside. Beyond this room is a small room and then the elevator on the far left, leading to the third floor.

Upon leaving the elevator room, the dwellers enter into a medium sized den style room. The next room over is a large foyer style room where a legendary mole rat will attack the dwellers with two standard mole rats. The final room to the far right is a small office.

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The machine parts factory appears only in Fallout Shelter.

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