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This is a transcript for dialogue with Machete.


CCDirections Can I get some directions around town? Anger 25 Busy. Go ask someone else. 1
CCFirstMeeting1A I didn't mean to interrupt. I just wanted to say hi. Anger 50 Fine, hi, whatever. I'm Machete, and I've got better things to do than talk with you. Scram. 2
CCFirstMeeting1B I'm new in town. What is this place? Disgust 50 This is Canterbury Commons, where dirty, old lechers get rid of everything they picked up on the road. Unless it's not treatable, that is. 3
Anger 50 And I'm Machete - Dom and me make sure nobody starts anything stupid in town. Keep that in mind, okay? 4
CCLamplightMachete Did you get your nickname in Lamplight? Anger 30 Good guess! I was the toughest defender they ever saw in Lamplight. I earned my nickname fighting off a Mole Rat with a knife big as my arm. 5
Happy 25 When I left, I figured I'd pass on a cushy place like Big Town. I ended up here, Dom took me on as a guard, and that's that. 6
CCTownHistory1 What can you tell me about Canterbury Commons? Anger 25 This whole place would fall apart if it weren't for Dom and me keeping anyone from causing too much trouble. 7
Anger 50 Fat, old Roe may think he runs the place, but it's only because Dom lets the idiot. 8
GREETING GREETING Anger 50 What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy? 9
GREETING Anger 50 What? 10
MS02AboutSupers Do you know anything about the AntAgonizer or the Mechanist? Anger 35 I know Dom doesn't want me just killing them. He and the Mechanist used to be friends or something. {Angry and sick of them} 11
Anger 50 All I know is next time they come to town, I bet I could solve the whole problem with one bullet for each of them. 12


CCGuardTalk2 CCGuardTalk2 Anger 35 Can't let our guard down, sir! That's when people cause trouble. 13
CCGuardTalk2 Anger 50 The locals could use a little scaring, sir! Bunch of fat, coward traders... 14
GOODBYE I guess I'll be going. Anger 25 <grunts> {tough-sounding grunt} 15
I have to go now. Fear 10 Umm... Yes, sir. I mean, Dominic. {A little mortified.} 16
I have to go now. Fear 10 Okay... if you insist. {A little mortified.} 17
I have to go now. Happy 25 Good. See you later. And you better show up! 18
I have to go now. Happy 25 You'd better believe it. {Satisfied with his reaction} 19
I have to go now. Anger 50 I mean it. 20
HELLO HELLO Anger 50 When you find those two costumed idiots, put a bullet in their heads for me. 21
HELLO Anger 50 I don't know why you're still allowed back, but stick in line. Or else. 22
HELLO Anger 25 <snort> {tough guy snort} 23
HELLO Anger 10 Hey, move. 24
HELLO Anger 25 All clear out there, captain, sir! {tough and severe sounding} 25
HELLO Anger 25 Nothing I couldn't handle, captain, sir! {tough and severe sounding} 26