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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mabel Henderson.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hello there, dear. Beautiful weather we're having, wouldn't you say? 1
Neutral 50 I think Betty is waiting for you at the playground. You really should go pay her a visit. 2
MQ04MabelUseOven I heard you bake really tasty pies. Can you make one for me? Happy 50 Well sure I can, sweetie! 3
Neutral 50 Let me just go light the oven to get it warming up. 4
MQ04ResidentChitChat1 Nice day, isn't it? Neutral 50 Well of course it is. What a silly thing to say. What else would it be? 5
MQ04ResidentChitChat2 What can you tell me about the neighborhood? Neutral 50 Well, there's certainly never a dull moment. I think it's like any other street, really. 6
Neutral 50 Always something to see, and always something to talk about. 7
MQ04ResidentDad Have you seen my dad? Neutral 50 No, I haven't. But when I do, I'll tell him you're looking for him. 8
MQ04ResidentRockwells Can you tell me anything about the Rockwells' marriage? Neutral 50 Well, they're just so nice, aren't they? It's good the two of them worked everything out. 9
This is a pretty convincing simulation...
This is what, some kind of computer simulation? Happy 20 Computer what now? Why don't you go find Timmy and have a nice game of catch? {amused, dismissive} 10
MQ04ResidentTimmy What can you tell me about Timmy Neusbaum? Neutral 50 I'm not one to gossip, but that boy's in trouble, if you ask me. Growing up so attached to his parents like that. 11
Neutral 50 What he needs is some discipline. I keep telling Pat that military school would do him some good, but she won't listen. 12
Neutral 50 She doesn't understand I'm just trying to help. Even got a brochure for her to look over... but I'll bet she hasn't even glanced at it. 13
MQ04RockwellsGossip1 What do you mean, "worked everything out"? Neutral 50 Oh, I... Well, I'm not one to talk, but there was that fight last year. Everyone could hear them arguing. 14
Neutral 50 Janet thought there was something going on with Roger and Martha Simpson. He eventually convinced her it wasn't true. 15
Neutral 50 But I've seen the way Martha looks at him. Janet may believe him, but I sure don't. 16
MQ04RockwellsGossip2 So they've had some problems in the past? Neutral 50 Well sure, sweetie. Doesn't everyone? 17
Neutral 50 Of course, not everyone decides to fight about it in front of an open window, so the whole neighborhood can hear... 18
Neutral 50 Martha Simpson must've been mortified, hearing Janet call her all those names. She's never said one word about it, though. 19
MQ04RockwellsMindBusiness Hey, maybe you should mind your own business. Surprise 50 Why, I never! {surprised, horrified} 20
Anger 50 You're the one who asked ME about it, you little brat! 21
MQ04RockwellsThanksForTip Hey, thanks for the tip. Neutral 50 Tip? Oh, I wouldn't call it that. Just something I heard, is all. 22


HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Hi, Martha. 23
HELLO Neutral 50 Say, Martha... 24
MQ04MabelRadioTopic MQ04MabelRadio Neutral 50 Oh, dear. Is that old radio on the fritz again? I should turn it off. 25
TranqLaneTalk1 TranqLaneTalk1 Neutral 50 Timmy Neusbaum left his roller skates in my house again. How many times have I talked to Pat about that? 26
TranqLaneTalk1 Neutral 50 I'm annoyed, Martha. Timmy left his roller skates in my house again. He needs to learn to pick up after himself. 27
TranqLaneTalk2 TranqLaneTalk2 Neutral 50 No, no. I don't like robots. Don't like the one I have, and don't want a new one. If I didn't rely on the thing so much, I'd just get rid of it. 28
TranqLaneTalk2 Neutral 50 I don't want a new one. I don't even really want the one I have now... I don't trust it, Martha. Not a bit. 29
TranqLaneTalk3 TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 Roger and Janet seem to be getting along better, don't you think? 30
TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 So, what do you think of the Rockwells? Seems like things are better between the two of them now. 31
TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 I really wish Pat would do something about it. He's a nice boy, but he's just so messy. 32
TranqLaneTalk3 Neutral 50 I don't even know if it's worth trying to talk to Pat. Maybe when she steps on one of his toys and breaks her neck, she'll do something about it. 33
TranqLaneTalk4 TranqLaneTalk4 Neutral 50 Well, maybe you feel that way. I really don't like it. What if something goes wrong? 34
TranqLaneTalk4 Neutral 50 Just the same, I don't trust it. I swear it watches me sometimes. 35
TranqLaneTalk5 TranqLaneTalk5 Neutral 50 Well, if you ever have any thoughts about it... You know, if you want to talk, you just let me know. 36
TranqLaneTalk5 Neutral 50 I see. Well, I thought you might have some insight. If you notice anything, or want to talk about it, you let me know, okay? 37


MQ04RadioStatic MQ04RadioStatic Neutral 50 38
RadioHello RadioHello Neutral 50 39