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This is a transcript for dialogue with Harkness (before the surgery).

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MS08Note2Audio MS08Note2Audio Fear 10 If you're listening to this recording, it is because you're believed to be trustworthy. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 1
Fear 10 I hope that is the case, because this recording puts us both in danger. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 2
Anger 10 I’m escaping from the Commonwealth. I’m an android, a synthetic man... a slave. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 3
Disgust 25 The men hunting me are ruthless and will stop at nothing to retrieve their property. {calm but with an undercurrent of anger} 4
Fear 10 I need to find a doctor in the Wasteland to perform facial reconstruction. I also need someone who knows a great deal about computers. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 5
Fear 50 I need... I need to have my memories erased and my face altered to look like someone else. {calm but breaking with fear} 6
MS08Note4Audio MS08Note4Audio Neutral 50 Despite the harshness of the Wasteland, I’ve discovered in more than a few here, a compassion that is unheard of in the Commonwealth. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 7
Neutral 50 Perhaps it’s the daily struggle for life here which gives appreciation for life in general, whether human, or android. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 8
Happy 50 In a few days I’ll be a free man... a new man. {calm but with an undercurrent of happiness} 9
Happy 50 Let me say thank you now, for referring me to Pinkerton at Rivet City, because I will not remember any of this soon. {grateful} 10
MS08NoteHarknessToZimmerAudio MS08NoteHarknessToZimmerAudio Neutral 50 Zimmer. By the time you get this message, I'll already be gone. I'm escaping the Commonwealth. {calm but with an undercurrent of fear} 11
Neutral 50 I want to live my own life, on my own terms, as my own man. 12
Neutral 50 I know what you're thinking, that I'm malfunctioning. I used to think that's what caused the runaways, too. But, I know better, now. 13
Neutral 50 Self determination is NOT a malfunction. I'm just not willing to put up with all the bullshit anymore. 14
Neutral 50 You humans are going to have a full-fledged rebellion on your hands if you don't start treating us synths as persons. 15
Neutral 50 I know you'll be marshalling the Retention Bureau to come after me. But I know all the tricks of the trade. You won't be finding me. I assure you. 16
Neutral 50 By the time you get this, I will be someone else. It's the price I pay for my liberation. 17
Neutral 50 My final act of rebellion against a system I no longer believe in. 18
Neutral 50 Goodbye Zimmer, and good riddance. 19
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