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The MRE is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


The MRE (abbreviated from "Meal, Ready-to-Eat") is a highly nutritious field ration for use by United States Armed Forces servicemen in combat and field conditions where organized food facilities are not available. The main meals in the pouch come pre-cooked in "boil in the foil" packets that can be warmed by immersing them in water that activates heating cells in the MRE pouch. MREs were first issued in 1981 on a limited basis and finally replaced the older canned rations when stockpiles were used up in 1986.


Military individual field rations were used by the United States Army and are found extensively in the area surrounding the Divide. The MRE contains boneless pork chop as the main course along with standard sundries. This food item is one of the few radiation-free foods in the game, and its nutritional value in hardcore mode is among the highest found in any food, on par with the much heavier caravan lunch.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+2 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -240 Starvation 
20+2 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -280 Starvation 
30+3 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -320 Starvation 
40+3 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -360 Starvation 
50+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -400 Starvation 
60+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -440 Starvation 
70+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -480 Starvation 
80+5 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -520 Starvation 
90+5 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -560 Starvation 
100+6 Hit Point for 15s+3 Hit Point for 10s, -600 Starvation 


Behind the scenes

  • The real-life MRE Menu No. 2 was a boneless pork chop from 2000-2001. Menu No. 2 is currently Shredded BBQ Beef.[1] The resale notice was added in 2001. The bag design more closely resembles older MREs.[2]
  • The real-life ZIP code of Mullins, South Carolina, where MRE supplier SOPAKCO is based, is 29574, whereas the ZIP code on the bag, 12490, corresponds to West Camp, New York.[3]