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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sarah Lyons.


FFPAWho Can someone in the Citadel train me to wear Power Armor? Neutral 50 Paladin Gunny instructs all Initiates in the use of Power Armor, but only after they've undergone a rigorous training regimen. 1
Neutral 50 Considering all that’s happened, my father may grant you special permission. But you’ll need to ask him yourself. 2
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 If you're going to have him start the purifier, hurry up. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 This better work... 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, that takes care of that. 5
Neutral 50 By now the Pride should be mopping up whatever opposition is left outside. 6
Neutral 50 Let's get this room secured. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 If you're going to put the code in, hurry up and do it. Otherwise this place explodes, and everyone in the Wasteland is in danger. 8
GREETING Fear 50 You have to give me that code. If you won't turn this thing on, you have to at least let me do it. {desperate, pleading} 9
GREETING Neutral 50 Look, there's nothing more to be said. Cycle the airlock so I can get this over with. 10
Neutral 50 Get out of here as soon as you can. Get back to the Citadel where it's safe. 11
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, so much for celebrating. 12
Neutral 50 One of us is going to have to go in there and turn the damned thing on. And whoever does it isn't coming back out. 13
Happy 10 Not exactly how I imagined going out, you know? {joking, but bitter} 14
Neutral 50 So, what should we do? Draw straws? 15
GREETING Neutral 50 You're just going to let him leave like that? 16
Neutral 50 I can't believe you, of all people, would show mercy on him. 17
Happy 20 The real kicker is that the boys outside will probably cut him down as soon as he opens the door. {slightly amused} 18
Neutral 50 Now let's get this place locked down. 19
GREETING Neutral 50 I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you'd let him just walk away. It's amazing the world hasn't beaten that out of you. 20
Neutral 50 You'd just better hope it doesn't come back to bite you. 21
Neutral 50 Now let's get this place locked down. 22
GREETING Neutral 50 You're just going to let him leave like that? 23
Neutral 50 I'll go along with it, but I don't like it. 24
Neutral 20 Let's get this room secured, and we'll call in the team. 25
GREETING Neutral 50 Let's make sure this area is locked down before we do anything else. 26
GREETING Anger 50 Let's get inside. Be careful they're probably pretty well dug-in. They've got to know we're coming by now. 27
GREETING Anger 50 Stay sharp, and stick close to me until we're in the Control Room. 28
GREETING Anger 50 Head for the control room, and keep your head down. 29
GREETING Anger 50 Look, if we make it to the purifier we can chat then. Now's not exactly a good time. 30
GREETING Neutral 50 Are you ready now? We can't afford to keep standing around like this. 31
GREETING Neutral 50 Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that my father and I have been talking. 32
Neutral 50 The Pride and I have decided that after all you've survived, you've done enough to be an honorary member of Lyon's Pride. 33
Neutral 50 So congratulations. Membership comes with some privileges, including our Power Armor. You want the full suit, or the Recon armor? 34
GREETING Happy 80 I guess it's my turn to thank you. 35
Neutral 50 Anyway, the area's secure, so you're free to talk to Three Dog if you need to. 36
Neutral 50 By the way, because you helped us I'm going to let you wear that Power Armor. But don't you ever forget where it came from. 37
GREETING Happy 80 I guess it's my turn to thank you. 38
Neutral 50 Anyway, the area's secure, so you're free to talk to Three Dog if you need to. 39
GREETING Disgust 25 Look, I don't know who you are but you don't belong here. {to the player - slightly annoyed} 40
Neutral 100 The Super Mutants have overrun our brothers at the Galaxy News Radio building, and we're headed there to back them up. {to the player - explaining the situation as if to someone slightly unintelligent} 41
Neutral 100 You can tag along if you want. But keep your head down and try not to do anything... stupid. {her mind has already moved on when she says this. She doesn't really care about the player's safety, but it is her duty to not get you killed} 42
GREETING Disgust 25 You can follow us as far as GNR. But keep your head down if you don't want it to get blown off. {to the player - slightly annoyed} 43
GREETING Neutral 50 Pretty impressive work for a civilian, bringing the Doctor here in once piece. 44
Neutral 50 Sarah Lyons, Sentinel and commander of Lyons' Pride. Welcome to the Citadel. 45
GREETING Neutral 50 You just manage to get yourself into all sorts of trouble, don't you? 46
Neutral 50 Welcome to the Citadel. Not many civilians get to see the place. 47
GREETING Happy 50 It's time to show the Enclave who they're dealing with. Now let's move out! 48
MQ01SarahTalk01 Thanks for the assist. I didn't know this place was so dangerous. Surprise 70 You been living under a rock? This is D.C. The entire city is crawling with Super Mutants. Now if you'll excuse me... 49
MQ01SarahTalk02 Wait... Who the hell are you people? Neutral 50 I'm Sentinel Lyons of the Lyons' Pride. With the Brotherhood of Steel. 50
Happy 80 Don't worry. We're on your side. At least I hope so. 51
MQ01SarahTalk03 Like I needed your help. Please. Disgust 70 Kid, out here cocky will get you killed. I've seen a Super Mutant strike squad like that take down five well armed soldiers. 52
Disgust 50 But fine, next time you want to take them on yourself and buy yourself an early retirement, go right ahead. 53
MQ01TLRecruits So, you guys looking for new recruits? Anger 50 That's a negative. 54
Neutral 50 We've got too many local conscripts as it is. Most are undertrained and too damned trigger happy for their own good. 55
Neutral 50 Our very own Initiate Reddin is a sterling example. 56
You sure you're not looking for recruits... Happy 20 I'm sure. 57
Neutral 50 You can handle yourself, I'll give you that. 58
Happy 20 But let's not get carried away. 59
MQ01TLSaraBrotherhood Who did you say you were again? Neutral 50 The name's Sarah Lyons, Sentinel and squad commander of the Lyons' Pride. We're with the Brotherhood of Steel. 60
Disgust 30 We do our best to hold back the Super Mutants in this area. But when civilians stumble into our sights, that gets a bit difficult. Doesn't it? 61
Wow. You guys don't screw around. Happy 50 I'll take that as a compliment. 62
Neutral 50 If we don't try to keep the mutants from killing everyone and everything in the Capital Wasteland, who will? 63
Happy 20 The Brotherhood does its best, but sometime's it takes a little something... special. That's where the Lyons' Pride comes in. 64
MQ01TLSaraGNR You mentioned something about Galaxy News Radio? Neutral 50 There aren't a lot of safe places in the ruins right now, but the Galaxy News Radio building is sort of our port in the storm. 65
Happy 50 Unfortunately, the building's been hit pretty hard lately. We're their backup. So if there are no more questions, we really need to move out. 66
Anything else you can tell me about GNR? Neutral 50 Well, the Brotherhood needed a secure outpost, and the guy who runs the radio station needed to not get his head ripped off by Super Mutants. 67
Neutral 50 It's a mutually beneficial relationship. 68
Surprise 10 Three Dog is the man in charge. He keeps that signal broadcasting, pretty much single handedly. He's um... interesting. I'll give him that much. 69
I'm sorry about Reddin and the others...
I'm sorry about Reddin... Neutral 50 She died well. 70
Neutral 70 In the end, that's all that really matters. 71
MQ11SarahArmorNoThanks I don't need your armor. I've gotten this far without it. Neutral 50 Okay, it's your call. I'm just trying to protect you. 72
Neutral 50 If you think you can handle this, we need to get moving. 73
MQ11SarahArmorRecon I'll take the Recon Armor. Neutral 50 All right, here you go. I hope it fits. 74
Neutral 50 So you think you can handle this? 75
MQ11SarahArmorRegular I'll take the Power Armor. Neutral 50 Sure thing. Hopefully it'll give you a bit of an extra edge. 76
Neutral 50 Okay, so do you think you can hold it together for this? 77
MQ11SarahCode2ChangedMind I changed my mind. I'll do it. I'll put in the code. Neutral 50 Oh, no. We've done this once already. We don't have time to keep going back and forth. 78
Neutral 50 Too many lives are at stake. We just stick with the plan. 79
I changed my mind. I'll do it. I'll put in the code. Neutral 50 Are you kidding me? We don't have time for this. 80
Neutral 50 Fine. If you're going to do it, then do it. But hurry up. 81
MQ11SarahCode2GoodLuck I just wanted to say thanks, and good luck. Anger 50 Good luck? That's it? Fine. Thanks. Now let's get this over with. 82
MQ11SarahEndCode The code is 2-1-6. Neutral 50 All right. 83
Neutral 50 I'll see you in hell, coward. 84
The code is 2-1-6. Neutral 50 Okay, I got it. 85
Neutral 50 I guess if this doesn't work, we're screwed anyway, right? 86
The code is 2-1-6. Neutral 50 Okay, I got it. 87
Neutral 50 Tell my father... Tell him I love him, will you? 88
MQ11SarahEndCodeKidding Just kidding! The code is 2-1-6. Neutral 50 Your sense of humor sucks. 89
Neutral 50 Fine, 2-1-6. I got it. Guess I'll see you around. 90
MQ11SarahEndFuckIt The hell with this. This is crazy! Neutral 50 I'm not arguing, believe me. 91
Neutral 50 But one of us has to go in there now. We don't have time to stand around and talk about it. Who's it going to be? 92
MQ11SarahEndIllDoIt I'll do it. I'll start the purifier. Neutral 50 You're going to have to be quick about it. If the radiation is bad enough, you won't have much time. 93
Neutral 50 I won't forget what you've done here. No one will. Thank you. 94
I said I'd do it, didn't I? I'll take care of it. Neutral 50 You need to hurry up. We're running out of time. 95
I changed my mind. I'll put the code in. Neutral 50 Okay, if you're sure. We don't have time to keep going back and forth on this. 96
Neutral 50 Just do it quickly, before the radiation gets to be too much for you. 97
MQ11SarahEndNoCode You know what? I'm not telling you. Neutral 50 What? Are you out of your mind? We'll both die if this thing doesn't get turned on. 98
Anger 50 Who knows how many other people will die too. Give me the damn code! 99
MQ11SarahEndNoCode2 Fine. Let's all burn in Hell, then. Anger 50 You can't do this... Give me the code! 100
MQ11SarahEndNoCodeFinal I'm not telling you the fucking code. Neutral 50 How can you do this? 101
MQ11SarahEndOtherWay There must be some other way... Neutral 50 I wish that were true. Really, I do. But you heard Doctor Li. We have to do this right now, or who knows how bad it'll be. 102
Neutral 50 One of us has to go in there. 103
MQ11SarahEndSendFollower Fawkes can start the purifier. Neutral 50 If that's how you want to do this, fine. But be quick about it. 104
Charon can start the purifier. Neutral 50 Great, then get him in there. We don't have time to waste. 105
I'll have RL-3 start the purifier. Neutral 50 If that'll work, then great. But we have to do this quickly. 106
MQ11SarahEndYouDoIt Look... I don't think I can do this. You should put the code in. Neutral 50 You're getting cold feet now? So much for being a hero. 107
Neutral 50 Fine, I'll do it. But I need the code. 108
Ha! No way am I going in there. You do it. Neutral 50 So that's how it is? So much for chivalry. 109
Neutral 50 Fine, I'll do it. But I need the code. 110
MQ11SarahHandleThisHopeSo I sure hope so. Neutral 50 Me too. If you need a minute to collect yourself, now's the time to do it. 111
MQ11SarahHandleThisNotSure I don't know, Sarah. I'm not so sure about this. Neutral 50 Listen, you'll be fine. You just stay behind whoever's in front of you and keep your head down. 112
Neutral 50 We're burning daylight here. Are you ready to move out? 113
MQ11SarahHandleThisYeah Of course I can. Neutral 50 Now that's what I like to hear, soldier. 114
Neutral 50 You all packed? We're not coming back here anytime soon. 115
MQ11SarahNoLyonsPride Funny, I don't recall asking to be part of your little club. Anger 50 You don't have to be an ass about it. Just forget it. 116
Neutral 50 I just need to know that you can hold it together for this. Can you do that? 117
MQ11SarahProblemHadEnough I've had enough "problems" for one day, thanks. Neutral 50 You and me both. 118
Neutral 50 Let me patch her through. She can explain what's gone wrong. 119
MQ11SarahProblemKiddingMe You've got to be kidding me. What now? Neutral 50 Let me patch her through. She can explain it to you. 120
MQ11SarahProblemWhatKind What kind of problem? Neutral 50 Let me patch her through. She can explain it better than I could. 121
MQ11SarahReadyNeedMoreTime I think I need another minute or two. Neutral 50 Hurry it up. Every minute you take is one more that we can't afford to spend. 122
MQ11SarahReadyQuestions I have a few questions... Neutral 50 Okay, what's on your mind? 123
MQ11SarahReadyToGo I'm all ready. Neutral 50 Okay. Don't be nervous. You'll have the whole Pride backing you up, not to mention this giant tin can. 124
Neutral 50 Just stay safe until we reach the purifier. You're no good to us if you're dead. 125
Neutral 50 And don't let that thing step on you. 126
TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 I've read the reports, seen the initial scans. But I can hardly believe it. 127
Neutral 50 I figured those radio transmissions were just old recordings. Never figured the Enclave would actually show up, in the flesh. 128
Neutral 50 But don't worry. Whatever they try, we'll be ready for it. I'll lead the Pride to knock them out tomorrow. If… my father permits it. 129
TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? Neutral 50 You've seen them, so you know what we know. What more is there to say? 130
Neutral 50 If we can figure out where they're coming from, we might be able to stop them. If not... 131
TLLyonsPride What can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride? Neutral 50 It's the best of the Brotherhood, bar none. No one gets in without my say-so. 132


CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons2 CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons2 Neutral 50 I've been talking with the other members of the Pride. We want to assault the purifier, father! Now! The Enclave must pay for what they've done! 133
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons2 Neutral 50 Father... I know that you do not wish to discuss the fate of the Outcasts, but there are some who say... 134
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons4 CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons4 Neutral 50 Yes, fath-... yes, Elder. I understand. {Stops herself calling him father.} 135
CitTalkElderLyonsSarahLyons4 Neutral 50 Yes, father. I understand. You have my apologies. 136
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Watch yourself out there. 137
I have to go now. Neutral 50 In my father's name, I bid you farewell. 138
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stay strong. 139
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Don't do this. Please tell me the code. 140
HELLO Neutral 50 Keep moving! 141
HELLO Neutral 50 Get inside! 142
HELLO Neutral 50 Head for the Control Room. 143
HELLO Neutral 50 Father, might I have a word with you? 144
HELLO Neutral 50 I need to speak with you, Father. 145
MQ01LyonsPrideC1 Scene C - GNR conversation between Sarah and Commander Neutral 100 We're clear out here. Stand down. {over the radio to defenders inside building} 146
Scene C - GNR conversation between Sarah and Commander Happy 50 Who else? Always count on my father to send the best. {to defender. bantering after victory.} 147
Scene C - GNR conversation between Sarah and Commander Neutral 50 You're telling me. Well, another mess cleaned up. We'll sweep the perimeter and be inside shortly. {finishing up the conversation with defender} 148
MQ01LyonsPrideSarah MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 50 Is this the idiot who blew our ambush? 149
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 Let's get back to the checkpoint. See if Colvin has finished clearing the street. {to Vargas and Reddin. An order couched as a request.} 150
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 What's the situation? {to Colvin. quietly, so as not to disturb his concentration but clearly he's such an experienced sniper that she knows he can talk and shoot at the} 151
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Happy 25 Good. {to Colvin} 152
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Anger 25 Jennings? {to Vargas asking about the wounded soldier lying nearby} 153
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Disgust 25 Just a stray we picked up. The one that blundered into the Uglies over on 42nd. {replying to Colvin's question about the player} 154
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Happy 25 All right. It's the usual drill. Reddin, you just do whatever Paladin Vargas says and keep your mouth shut. {giving orders to the squad time to move out. She's putting Reddin in his place a bit.} 155
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 Okay, the outpost is just to the south of us. Colvin, you're the eyes. {giving orders to the squad quietly (they are in enemy territory) and calmly.} 156
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 Vargas, Reddin, secure this building. {giving orders to the squad quietly (they are in enemy territory) and calmly.} 157
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 And? {meaning: what's your situation, Colvin? Report. in low voice (enemy territory)} 158
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Happy 50 OK. We'll flush them out, you pick them off. On my mark. {in low voice (enemy territory). over radio to Colvin.} 159
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Neutral 100 Go. {In normal voice, over radio and speaking to Vargas and Reddin. (ordering them to commence their attack)} 160
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Fear 50 Take cover! Behemoth! 161
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Fear 50 Get the Fat Man! We'll try to keep him busy! 162
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Sad 50 It's not your fault, Vargas. Reddin was good enough for the Pride, and she proved it here today. {to Vargas. As a friend, not a superior officer. Trying to comfort him after Reddin's death.} 163
MQ01LyonsPrideA3 Happy 10 When we get back to the Citadel, I'll talk to the scribes. Let it be chronicled that Paladin Reddin passed her test. {the last sentence is more formal almost as if she's quoting from what the scribes will write down.} 164
MQ09ElderSarahConv MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Yes father. 165
MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 I don't like it. 166
MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 So we just wait until they decide we're next on the list? If the Pride goes in now, we might have a chance. 167
MQ09ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 All I'm saying is, the longer we sit here, the more time they have to shore up their defenses. We should hit them sooner rather than later. 168
MQ11ElderSarahConv MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Yes, sir! 169
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 Send the Pride in. We can do it. We can win this! 170
MQ11ElderSarahConv Neutral 50 If the Enclave has the G.E.C.K., there's nothing stopping them from starting the purifier. They'll figure out the code eventually. 171
MQ11LDSarahLines MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 You know the drill, people. Stay back until the field is down. 172
MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 Hold positions. Let the robot do its job. 173
MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 Move it, Pride. Double time! 174
MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 Move out! Let's go! 175
MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 Time to put this oversized wind-up toy to work. 176
MQ11LDSarahLines Neutral 50 All right, this is it. Go, go, go! 177
MQ11SarahActivatePrimeLine MQ11SarahActivatePrimeLine Neutral 50 All right, Rothchild. Fire it up. Pride, move out! 178
MQ11SarahAirlockButtonLines MQ11SarahAirlockButtonLines Neutral 50 Get in the airlock. I'll cycle it for you so you can enter the code. 179
MQ11SarahAirlockButtonLines Neutral 50 You have to get in the airlock before I can cycle it and let you in there. 180
MQ11SarahAirlockButtonLines Fear 50 We're running out of time! You need to get in that airlock now! 181
MQ11SarahAirlockLines MQ11SarahAirlockLines Neutral 50 Okay, let's get this over with. Cycle the airlock, will you? 182
MQ11SarahAirlockLines Neutral 50 I can't get in there until you cycle the airlock. Go hit the button. 183
MQ11SarahAirlockLines Neutral 50 You have to cycle the airlock before I can get to the control panel. Hurry up! 184
MQ11SarahCombatLines MQ11SarahCombatLines Neutral 50 Get some suppressing fire over there, now! 185
MQ11SarahGetInThere MQ11SarahGetInThere Fear 50 Why are you standing around? Get in there! {anxious} 186
MQ11SarahGetInThere Fear 50 We're almost out of time. Please start up the purifier before we're all killed. {anxious} 187
MQ11SarahGetInThere Fear 50 We're running out of time. You need to get in there. {anxious} 188
MQ11SarahGiveCode MQ11SarahGiveCode Fear 50 Please tell me the code! {desperate, pleading} 189
MQ11SarahGiveCode Fear 50 Don't let things end like this. Not now, not after all we've been through. {desperate, pleading} 190
MQ11SarahGiveCode Fear 50 I need the code. Please tell me what it is. {desperate, pleading} 191
MQ11SarahGiveCode Fear 50 Please, we're running out of time! {desperate, pleading} 192
MQ11SarahLiConversation MQ11SarahLiConversation Neutral 50 Doctor Li? It's Sarah Lyons. I'm in the control room; we're both here. What's going on? 193
MQ11SarahPPurityLines MQ11SarahPPurityLines Neutral 50 Okay, it's just you and me now. Take it slow, keep your eyes peeled, and let's head for the control room. 194
MQ11SarahPPurityLines Neutral 50 All right, this is it. Stay sharp, and we'll have this thing under control in no time. 195
MQ11SarahSpeech MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 When we're done with this, everyone can have a nice cold glass of water on me. Let's move. 196
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 We need to move quickly, before we lose the chance to surprise them. Get whatever supplies you don't already have, and we'll meet in the Bailey. 197
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 We'll use the robot to keep them occupied while we get inside and secure the control room. 198
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 Once the fields are down, we head straight for the facility. 199
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 So we're on fire support. We stay close to the thing, keep it clear, and get it to where it needs to go. 200
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 Rothchild and Li say this robot should be able to take down the energy fields. 201
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 The Pride is on me. The goal is Project Purity, but we can't get into the facility with those energy fields up. 202
MQ11SarahSpeech Neutral 50 Okay, we're going to go over it one more time. 203


Attack Attack Neutral 50 Friendly in the firezone! Watch your targets! 204
Attack Neutral 50 Vargas, Reddin! Spread out and flank 'em! 205
Attack Neutral 50 Colvin! I want fire on that target now! 206
Attack Anger 50 I want those targets down now! 207
Attack Anger 50 Watch your spacing! 208
Attack Anger 50 Concentrate your fire! 209
Attack Anger 50 By the numbers, Pride! Short, controlled bursts! 210
Attack Neutral 50 Keep firing! They bleed just like anything else! {bloodlust in combat, firing his weapon} 211


NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 Vargas! Cover me! 212
StartCombat Neutral 50 Fire and maneuver! 213
StartCombat Neutral 50 Watch your spacing! 214