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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Mephisto, a character which was cut from Fallout.


{100}{}{You see Mephisto, an angry merchant.}
{101}{}{You see a merchant named Harms.}
{102}{}{You see an upset merchant named Fowler.}
{103}{}{You see Dixon, an angry merchant.}
{104}{}{You see Morgan, a merchant.}
{105}{}{You see Marco, an angry merchant.}
{106}{}{You see Kjolnir, a merchant.}
{107}{}{You see Marzen, a merchant.}
{108}{}{You see Joshua, an upset merchant.}
{109}{}{You see Anthony, a merchant.}
{110}{}{You see Clark, a merchant.}
{111}{}{You see Malantic, an upset merchant.}
{112}{}{You see Orlando, a merchant.}
{113}{}{You see a merchant named Ilya.}
{114}{}{You see Tracy, an upset merchant.}
{115}{}{Can you believe this chaos?}
{116}{}{Get in line.}
{117}{}{You're not of this house.}
{118}{}{Have you had your caravan delayed too?}
{119}{}{Good luck getting anything done.}
{120}{}{Have you seen Hightower?}
{121}{}{I'd see the Far Go Traders if I were you.}
{122}{}{Looking for the master merchant? She's right over there.}
{123}{}{If my cargo doesn't leave soon, there'll be hell to pay.}
{124}{}{Martha's right over there.}
{125}{}{You're no merchant, beat it.}
{126}{}{The guard quarters are on the other side.}
{127}{}{I'm not giving you any money, so leave.}
{128}{}{My cargo is never going to leave.}
{129}{}{Don't even think about moving in on my territory.}
{130}{}{Why hasn't my cargo left yet?}
{131}{}{Where are my supplies?}
{132}{}{Your prices are terrible!}
{133}{}{Where's Hightower?}
{134}{}{I'm supposed to get priority!}
{135}{}{My cargo's two weeks late!}
{136}{}{I want my money back!}
{137}{}{I want to speak with Hightower.}
{138}{}{I'll take my business to the Crimson Caravan.}
{139}{}{What's wrong with you people?}
{140}{}{I'm tired of waiting!}
{141}{}{I'm sick of excuses!}
{142}{}{My cargo is more important than his!}
{143}{}{What don't you understand?}
{144}{}{Do it or I'll go elsewhere!}

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