The MDPL mass relay station is a location in the Capital Wasteland in 2277. It is located south of Roosevelt Academy and east of Five Axles Rest Stop.


This station was once a Brotherhood of Steel outpost, and their emblem can be seen on the wall next to the entrance on a wooden board, but later the station was overrun by raiders.


The station is a fortified outpost repurposed by raiders for their own use. Three raiders patrol the exterior between the power transformers and the entrance. The entry door leads to a small foyer, beyond which is a computer room/barracks. The main room is guarded by a pair of raiders, one of whom is the named Torcher, who, unsurprisingly, wields a flamer. Beside undamaged computer equipment, there is a static chemistry set, three beds, and several containers. The terminal (very hard) on the desk allows the player to unlock the safe containing a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Notable loot


  • The mass relay station houses three of the cleanest looking beds in the entire wasteland.
  • Sometimes, items stored in containers inside the building can disappear and reset to whatever the container originally held. Also, a raider may respawn in the room every so often.
  • To the south, in the rocky area just past the docks and outhouse is a corpse pile consisting of a dead mercenary, a dead raider, a dead pair of wastelanders, and a pair of skeletal remains. The area is guarded by several yao guai.
  • The MDPL Mass Relay Station can be used as incidental player housing if all raiders are enslaved using the Mesmetron: they will never return. The safe, toolboxes and ammo boxes (both inside and out) can be safely used for storage.


The MDPL mass relay station appears only in Fallout 3.


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