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The MDPL-05 power station is one of many power stations located in the Capital Wasteland. It can be found on the fault-block mountain in the far reaches of the northwest corner of the map, southeast of Raven Rock and north-northeast of SatCom Array NW-07c.


The power station is secured by fences and two locked gates, but the fence along the mountainside is knocked down, allowing access. Inside the fence lay skeletal remains, the "workman's" toolbox, a wrench, Nuka-cola, dart gun schematics and a Dean's Electronics skill book. On the road to the power station from a bridge, one can find all the components needed for a railway rifle.

Notable loot


  • A 'Type A' random encounter spawns just outside the fence on the north side of the power station.
  • The toolbox found here is the only named toolbox in the game.


The MDPL-05 power station appears only in Fallout 3.