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MAIA (Mayoral Artificial Intelligence Assistant) is a computer system tasked with assisting the mayor of the city of Watoga.


Developed alongside the Voice of Watoga at the RobCo Research Center,[1] MAIA was activated around 2042 to assist the mayor of the city of Watoga with their daily tasks. Programmed with information pertinent to the governing of a city, MAIA's knowledge databanks comprised of decades worth of news articles.[2]

As time went by and new mayors were appointed, many executive orders and personal laws were made for various reasons, from transportation preferential treatment acts to the Mayor for a Day executive order.[3] The Verbal Laws and Ordinances executive order made it so that the mayor could make proclamations, orders, ordinances, and laws by speaking directly to the AI.[4] The "Suck It, Future Mayor's!" executive order enabled previous laws made by the then-acting mayor could never be undone and were made permanent.[5] Finally, after the Watoga virus had been activated by a disgruntled RobCo employee, Scott Turner, throwing the automated city and systems into chaos, Barbara Elizabeth, the 134th and last mayor of Watoga, made her final executive order, stipulating that all who made it to the office would be made mayors based on a weekly lottery of all Watoga citizens, later simplified to just those who stepped into the mayor's office, to try and fix the problem of rogue robots.[6][7]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character cannot be killed.
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This character starts quests.


  • Mayor for a Day: There is some kind of emergency in Watoga. One can help alleviate the issues, acting as mayor, if they reach the former mayor's office.

Other interactions

  • When approached, MAIA will appoint the player character mayor of Watoga and start the Mayor for a Day quest. She will play an audio log containing her final moments with Watoga's last mayor, Barbara Elizabeth.


MAIA appears only in Fallout 76.


MAIA is similar in design to the Grafton mayor.

Behind the scenes

MAIA's voice actor, Lauri Fraser, is credited as the "Chief of Staff" in the Fallout 76 credits. MAIA's voice type also uses the name Chief of Staff internally.