The Brotherhood does its best, but sometime's it takes a little something... special. That's where the Lyons' Pride comes in.Sarah Lyons

The Lyons' Pride, led by Sentinel Sarah Lyons, is an elite unit in Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel 2277.


The Pride functions as the Brotherhood's elite shock troops, reinforcing points against concentrated or sustained super mutant attack and spearheading raids into the super mutant-held territory.

Initiate Reddin gets in over her head while training, and is killed in front of the Lone Wanderer and the Lyons' Pride by a super mutant behemoth. Later, Sentinel Lyons makes the Lone Wanderer an honorary member before they trek to the Jefferson Memorial in a mission to restore Project Purity.

The Lyons' Pride badge differs slightly from the Brotherhood of Steel badge. Where the BoS badge has a winged sword with cogwheels around/behind the sword blade, the Lyons' Pride has a "lion rampant" imposed over the upper sword blade, inside the span of the wings, and no cogwheels.

The Lyons' Pride also has a special Barracks reserved for them within the Citadel A ring. "The Den" is where members of the Pride get some R&R. In addition to food stores, tables, and chairs, there are four cots in the back.



The Lyons' Pride appears only in Fallout 3. The surviving members appear again in the Broken Steel add-on.

Behind the scenes

Lyons' Pride are play-on-words of 'lion's pride'. A 'pride' is a term used to describe a family group of lions.

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