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Lying, Congressional Style is a skill book in Fallout 3.


Reading this book permanently increases the Lone Wanderer's Speech skill by 1 (2 with Comprehension).


Closest map markerLocation description
Arlington LibraryChildren's Wing, it's next to the coffee-makers on a countertop in a break room
The Capitol BuildingIn Conference Hall, on a podium
The Capitol BuildingSouth of the Capitol Building east entrance in Seward Square, inside a Pulowski Preservation shelter
Corvega factoryOn the reception desk near the entrance
Dupont Circle stationNear the entrance from Dupont, in a bucket on table in first room to the right with a Protectron and a computer terminal
Georgetown NorthIn the McClellan family townhome
Germantown Police HQOn the ground floor, in the corner of a classroom on the child-sized rusty desk
Jury Street Metro stationOn top of a safe in Ryan Brigg's room in the Jury St. tunnels
Jury Street Metro stationSouthwest of the entrance, inside the unmarked Calverton church
Megaton*Can be found upstairs, on the desk, in your Megaton house after purchasing the Love machine theme. * Only available if you disarm the bomb.
MegatonAfter completing the Arlington Library portion of Chapter 3 of the The Wasteland Survival Guide and its optional objective, Moira will give you a copy.
Meresti trainyardIn Meresti Metro station, under a box on top of the train
National ArchivesIn the secure east wing, next to the safe containing the Bill of Rights
Nuka-Cola plantOffices, on top of an open safe in a northeastern room on the second floor
Rivet CityOutside of the carrier, northwest of the entrance in a mutant camp with a wasteland captive
RobCo facilityFactory floor, on large desk at back of foyer
Robot repair centerIn Mechanist's Forge (Section A, 2nd floor) on desk
Scrapyard office*In the office. * Can only be reached with the Contract Killer perk.
Takoma IndustrialEastern room
Tenleytown/Friendship stationIn one of the several metal shelves near two feral ghouls who have killed a female mercenary in a cross tunnel between the tracks
Tenpenny Tower*Can be found in your Tenpenny suite after purchasing the Love machine theme. * Only available if you detonate the bomb.
Tenpenny TowerIt can be found in Allistair Tenpenny's suite. This book respawns only during the feral ghoul attack to help the ghouls get into the Tower forcefully.
Vault 108Cloning Lab, on a table in the same room as the Charisma bobblehead
Vernon East/Takoma ParkComing into the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro from Vernon Square East; you'll find one just a few feet away in a ticket booth.


  • You can only get a maximum of 25 Speech skill books when you consider the following:
  • The skill book found in the Scrapyard requires the player to have the Contract Killer perk to be able to obtain it. This reduces the total number of standard Speech skill books available down to 24 for those that are not interested in choosing the perk.