Template:FO3 Template:FO3 item Lying, Congressional Style is a book which, upon reading, gains the Player Character in Fallout 3 a +1 Speech bonus.

Known Locations (25/25)

Number Location
1 Dupont Circle Station near entrance from Dupont, in a bucket on table in first room to the right (with Potectron/Computerterminal).
2 RobCo Factory- Factory floor, on large desk at back of foyer.
3 In the National Archives, secure wing east. Next to the safe containing the Bill of Rights.
4 It can be found in Tenpenny Tower in Allistair Tenpenny's suite. This book can be found again after helping the ghouls getting into the Tower!
5 Also can be found in your Megaton House or Tenpenny Suite after purchasing the Love Machine Theme.
6 Another can be found in the Germantown Police HQ, on the ground floor, in the corner of a classroom on the child-sized rusty desk. This room is pretty much in the center of the map.
7 A copy can be found in the Capital Wasteland, Mutant Camp, Northwest of Rivet City (where there is a captive to rescue).
8 Arlington Library, Children's Wing, it's on a shelf in a break room.
9 Nuka-Cola Plant, offices on the second level.
10 After completing the Arlington Library part of The Wasteland Survival Guide quest and answering the Library is still there like it was, Moira will give you one.
11 In the Corvega Factory there is one directly ahead of the entrance on a counter.
12 In the old robot factory during The Superhuman Gambit quest, there is a copy lying on a desk in the Mechanist's Forge.
13 From Farragut West Station entrance in Tenleytown/Friendship Station, in one of the several metal shelves where two Feral ghoul have killed a female mercenary. It's northwest from the Farragut West Station entrance/exit point.
14 Vault 108 Cloning Lab, on a table in the same room as the Charisma Bobblehead.
15 There is one on a podium in the Conference Hall of the Capitol Building.
16 Coming into the Vernon East/Takoma Park metro from Vernon Square East, you'll find one just a few feet away in a ticket booth.
17 Georgetown, in the middle between North and South in McClellan Family Townhome.
18 On a safe where you kill Ryan Brigg in the Jury St. Tunnels.
19 Inside the church southwest of Jury Street Metro Station, east of Evergreen Mills, north of VAPL-84 Power Station.
20 South of the entrance to The Capitol Building in Seward Square (Seward Sq. Northwest) inside of a Pulowski Preservation Shelter.
21 You can get a copy of Paradise Lost from Tulip in the Underworld. It acts just like a copy of Lying, Congressional Style and improves your Speech skill when read.
22 Takoma Industrial, eastern room.
23 Museum of History, entrance.
24 Scrapyard, office.
25 Under a box on top of the train in Meresti Station.
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