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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lydia Montenegro.


GREETING GREETING Happy 100 Those Ghouls wont be bothering us anymore, will they? {self important snob congratulating the player} 1
GREETING Happy 100 Hello! {self important snob glad to see the player} 2
GREETING Anger 100 Come to pour salt into the wound? Well, I won't stand for it! {self important snob confronting the person who ruined her life} 3
GREETING Anger 100 Zombie-lover! {self important snob confronting the person who ruined her life} 4
GREETING Anger 50 Oooh! I can't believe it. With all of Gustavo's goons running around, they still let thieves come into my store and take things! {extremely upset} 5
Disgust 50 I thought I was safe here. That's it, I'm leaving. I'll try my luck elsewhere. {at her wits end} 6
GREETING Fear 50 Where will I go? {at her wits end} 7
GREETING Disgust 50 Welcome to Boutique le Chic. I am Lydia Montenegro, proprietor. Here you'll find only the best, with a price tag you can boast about to your friends! {Haughty upper class snob.} 8
GREETING Disgust 50 I am Lydia Montenegro. I'm sure you've heard of me and my shop, Boutique le Chic? No? Obviously you don't travel in the right circles. 9
Neutral 50 I can't talk now, visit me at the Boutique during business hours. 10
GREETING Surprise 50 I see my Boutique has proved to be an irresistible lure. Welcome back. 11
GREETING Surprise 50 Back for the best? {haughty snobby merchant} 12
GREETING Surprise 50 Shopping at le Chic proves you have great taste! {haughty snobby merchant} 13
GREETING Disgust 50 This better not be a waste of my time. 14
HD02HouseStuff I hear you're the person to see about buying stuff for my suite. Happy 80 Good to see that old suite finally found an owner. 15
Neutral 50 I have all sorts of items and themes for that place that may interest you. 16
I'm looking to buy some things for my house. Happy 80 Of course! I have all sorts of items and themes for that place that may interest you. 17
HD02HouseStuff01 Can you tell me what the items do? Happy 80 Of course I can! 18
Neutral 50 Which one in particular interests you? 19
HD02HouseStuff02 Tell me about your Themes. Happy 50 Some people don't like living in a boring old suite. 20
Happy 80 Purchase a theme from me and I use all of my design abilities to set your place up in the manner you request. 21
Neutral 50 You can choose from the Vault, Raider, Wasteland Explorer, Science, Love Machine or Pre-War Themes. 22
HD02HouseStuff02Clear I'd like to change my house's Theme. Happy 80 Okay, consider it done. Anything else? 23
HD02HouseStuff03 Okay, let me take a look at your stuff. Happy 80 Sure thing! 24
HD02HouseStuff04 Enough about the suite. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Okay. 25
HD02HouseStuffSub01 Tell me about the My First Infirmary. Neutral 50 If you're wounded or you've hurt one of your limbs badly, this setup will allow you to heal it up as good as any other Wasteland Doctor. 26
HD02HouseStuffSub02 Tell me about the Jukebox. Neutral 50 If you feel like filling your place with a whole bunch of music, switch this beautiful pre-war antique on. 27
HD02HouseStuffSub03 Tell me about the My First Laboratory. Neutral 50 This setup is great for experimenting and coming up with all sorts of useful concoctions. 28
Neutral 50 It also can be used to get rid of any horrible addictions you may have from tasting your results! 29
HD02HouseStuffSub04 Tell me about the Nuka-Cola Machine. Neutral 50 One push of a button and you can get your hands on an Ice Cold Nuka-Cola! 30
HD02HouseStuffSub05 Tell me about the Workbench. Neutral 50 If you feel like tinkering and want to build some custom gizmos, this setup will help you do it. 31
HD02HouseStuffSub08 That's enough about the items. Neutral 50 Sounds good. 32
HD02HouseTheme01 I'm interested in the Vault Theme. Happy 70 Feeling a bit homesick are we? {coy} 33
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 34
HD02HouseTheme02 I'm interested in the Raider Theme. Happy 70 Into the blood and guts look, eh? {coy} 35
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 36
HD02HouseTheme03 I'm interested in the Wasteland Explorer Theme. Happy 70 Longing for the great outdoors are we? {coy} 37
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 38
HD02HouseTheme04 I'm interested in the Science Theme. Happy 70 You're the intellectual type, eh? {coy} 39
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 40
HD02HouseTheme05 I'm interested in the Pre-War Theme. Happy 70 Feeling a bit nostalgic are we? {coy} 41
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 42
HD02HouseTheme05a I'm interested in the Love Machine Theme. Happy 70 Feeling a bit anxious, perhaps? {coy} 43
Happy 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 44
HD02HouseTheme06 Let me ask about something else. Happy 50 Sure. 45
HD02HouseThemeNo Actually, let me pick another Theme. Happy 80 Certainly! 46
HD02HouseThemeYes Sounds good to me. Happy 70 Well then, let's make a deal! 47
MS12Basement What can you tell me about the basement? Surprise 50 What are you talking about? You mean the basement of Tenpenny Tower? What a random question. Why should I know anything about a basement? {confused and snippy, she is high class lady, what use does she have for grubby basements?} 48
Disgust 50 Why don't you run off and find Gustavo. I'm sure he could help you find whatever it is you're looking for. {trying to dismiss a boor} 49
MS12BigotNeighbors What if all your other neighbors agree? Disgust 100 Then my neighbors will have lost their minds. Just like you have. Now go away. {self important snob} 50
MS12BigotNevermind Whatever. Anger 50 Who let you in here in the first place? Does Mister Tenpenny know there's a lunatic walking around his tower? {self important snob losing patience} 51
MS12BigotSpeech This is happening. You're going to have to deal with it, or get forced out. Anger 100 You horrible little zombie-lover! What right do you and your disgusting buddies have to push honest, hardworking, important people around like that? {bigot facing retribution} 52
Fear 50 Where do you propose I live? {bigot facing retribution} 53
MS12BigotSpeechBad I don't care. Get your stuff together and get out of here. Anger 50 Just you wait. I'll find a way to repay you for this. {bigot promising revenge} 54
MS12BigotSpeechGood I'm sure you'll find something suitable, don't worry. Fear 50 Don't worry? Did you just step out of a vault? Haven't you seen what's out there? I'm doomed. And it's all your fault! {defeated bigot trying to make hero feel bad} 55
MS12BigotSpeechNeutral Good luck. Fear 50 When I die, it'll be your fault. {defeated bigot trying to make hero feel bad} 56
MS12IntroToGhoul1 I could kill a Ghoul or two, if I had to. Surprise 100 I bet you could. Talk to Gustavo. He could use someone like you. You could kill those Ghouls in the tunnels. Get rid of them once and for all! {getting excited} 57
MS12IntroToGhoul2 When I see a Ghoul in the distance, I tend to turn around and go the other way. Sad 50 Well, that's not very brave, though it's not a bad policy either. If you decide to conquer your fear of Ghouls by killing a couple, talk to Gustavo. {disappointed} 58
MS12IntroToGhoul3 Ghouls are all right. Surprise 100 What? Have you lost your mind? {clearly the person she is talking to is a lunatic} 59
MS12ResidentsBranch What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Happy 50 Tenpenny is a classy place. Just look at me. Look at my shop. Can't find top shelf class like that anywhere else. {self important snob} 60
MS12ResidentsBranch1 Good thing the tower was still structurally sound after the war. Neutral 50 Indeed. Though Tenpenny has put a lot of work into restoring it. And he's hired security to keep us safe. {bragging} 61
Fear 50 But they seem to be having some trouble with a pack of Ghouls living in the tunnels nearby. {apprehensive} 62
Surprise 50 Don't suppose you've encountered many Ghouls on your travels? {hinting that the player could help} 63
MS12ResidentsBranch2 This place feels more like a prison than a home. Fear 50 I've never been in prison, so I wouldn't know. All I know is that I'm safe in here. Out there you got all kinds of nastiness. Like those Ghouls. {defending her gated community} 64
Surprise 75 You ever run into Ghouls in your travels? {hinting that the player can help take care of the ghoul problem} 65
MS12ResidentsBranch3 <Say nothing.> Neutral 50 Not used to civilized discourse, eh? You're from out there in the Wasteland, right? You must be pretty tough to survive out there. Ever kill a Ghoul? {hinting the player can help } 66
About these Ghouls...
Are you afraid of the Ghouls trying to get into Tenpenny? Anger 100 If they got in here, they'd get their filth over everything. You can smell them a mile away! {self important snob} 67
Happy 75 I hope they come back and get killed by security. {self important snob} 68
I can handle those Ghouls. Happy 100 Really? Perhaps you can. We'd all be terribly grateful. Chief Gustavo will want to know you're willing to help. {happy someone is finally taking charge} 69
I make it a point to stay clear of trouble. Disgust 100 Well... I just thought... Never mind. {self important indignation} 70
Good luck. Disgust 10 Yeah. Thanks. {mild sarcasm} 71
MS12ResidentsNeighbors How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Happy 75 Ah yes. I was wondering when you'd try me. {sarcastically sweet} 72
Happy 100 You may be able to coerce the others, but I'm not such a pushover. Your zombie buddies will need to find someplace else to live. {sarcastically sweet} 73
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Disgust 100 You're being serious? That's out of the question. What an absurd notion! {self important snob} 74
How would you feel about having a few Ghoul neighbors? Anger 100 I will not allow Ghouls to live here. {annoyed} 75
MS12ResidentsNeighborsBad Yeah, Ghouls would make horrible neighbors. Disgust 50 Quite right. Perhaps you're not as stupid as you seem. {(agreeing) self important snob} 76
MS12ResidentsNeighborsGood I've met these Ghouls. They're civilized and pose no threat. Disgust 100 I think you must have been out in the sun too long. Perhaps I could sell you a nice hat to keep your brain from frying? {self important snob} 77
MS12ResidentsNeighborsNeutral Whatever. Disgust 50 Is there something I can help you with? If not, why don't you find somewhere else to be? {self important snob} 78
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 100 Who do you think you are? I pay good money to live here. And I run a most prestigious store. You can't push me around like that! {self important snob} 79
TenpennyAllistairTenpenny Tell me about Allistair Tenpenny. Neutral 50 He stays in his penthouse suite most of the time. So long as we pay the rent, he lets us live here. 80
TenpennyGREETINGChoice1 Nice place you have here. Neutral 50 Your taste in shopping venue is impeccable. How may I assist you? {snobby merchant} 81
TenpennyGREETINGChoice2 This is a store? Disgust 100 You wouldn't know true value if it slapped you in the face! {snobby indignation} 82
TenpennyGREETINGChoice3 Whatever. Disgust 100 Just try not to break anything, okay? {snobby merchant talking to a poor person} 83
TenpennyVendor I'd like to do business with you. Neutral 50 My Boutique has many unique items for the discerning customer. 84


DialogueTenpennyConv00 DialogueTenpennyConv00 Happy 50 We all feel safe knowing you and your men have this place locked up tight. Thank you! {genuinely appreciative} 85
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Disgust 50 I don't scrounge for anything. I run a high class Boutique, doctor, as you know. However, I can check with my supplier about holodisks for you. {slightly taken a back by the notion of her "scrounging" for something} 86
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 75 Thank you! {flattered} 87
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Sad 50 Don't worry about them. Just be yourself dear. You've had a hard life. You deserve some happiness. Hell, we all do. {concerned that her friend isn't happy} 88
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Surprise 50 What a question! I don't know. I supposed it is. But, it can't always be helped. We can't help who we fall in love with, can we? {commiserating with a friend} 89
DialogueTenpennyConv00 Surprise 75 Who you calling frumpy?! At least my ass isn't shaped like a pear. {playful repartee} 90
DialogueTenpennyConv01 DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 100 Antique shop? Really, Anthony, you need some new material! And I'm not just talking about your jokes either, darling. Those threads are atrocious! {playful repartee} 91
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 50 Yeah, I pop a couple, then have a Martini. Does wonders. Thanks Doc. 92
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Surprise 75 Mr. Cheng. Shouldn't YOU know what your wife would like? Why don't you go find out what she wants, and I'll see about ordering it for you. {encouraging him to figure things out on his own} 93
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Happy 10 Let's just say it's high time for a glass of wine. Putting on a happy face for all my customers all the time can be a bit tiresome. {exhausted but glad to see her friend} 94
DialogueTenpennyConv01 Sad 50 Yes, Mrs. Cheng. It's not easy though, is it? {commiserating with a friend} 95
DialogueTenpennyConv02 DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 50 Do you realize how often you use that word? You be careful, darling, or you'll wear it out like you've worn out your sense of style. {playfully teasing a friend} 96
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 50 Right. Until next time, then. {hastily ending the conversation} 97
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 100 Yes, of course, child! Your dishes are always superb! {shocked that her friend doesn't realize how talented she is} 98
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Happy 10 That shop is my pride and joy. I like to be surrounded by fine things - a little beauty in all this ugliness. 99
DialogueTenpennyConv02 Surprise 50 Have you tried distracting him, dear? You know, get his "attention" every now and then? Some men are just clueless when it comes to a woman's needs. {giving advice to a friend who's being ignored by her husband} 100
DialogueTenpennyConv03 DialogueTenpennyConv03 Happy 100 At least I'm not some dried up tart, prancing around like the queen of America, carelessly spouting grotesque phrases. "Fabulousity?" Really now! {playful repartee ("fab-u-loss-i-tee")} 101
DialogueTenpennyConv03 Happy 100 Ha! You'll drink to ANYTHING! Cheers! {teasing her friend during a toast after he said "I'll drink to that!"} 102
DialogueTenpennyConv03 Happy 50 Yes they are dear, quite! {amused} 103
DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic DialogueTenpennyEatStartTopic Neutral 50 It's time for a little bite of something delicious. {hungry and on her way to get food} 104
DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic DialogueTenpennySleepStartTopic Neutral 50 Whew! I'm sleepy. Time to hit the pillows! {tired and heading off to bed} 105
GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Charming! {(insincere) self important antiques dealer} 106
I have to go now. Happy 50 Pleasant day to you, dear. {(insincere) self important antiques dealer} 107
I have to go now. Happy 50 Until next we meet! {(insincere) self important antiques dealer} 108
HELLO HELLO Surprise 50 Daring! What on earth are you up to? {confused and slightly suspicious} 109
HELLO Surprise 50 Daring! What on earth are you up to? {confused and slightly suspicious} 110
HELLO Happy 50 Anthony, darling, you're looking rather bloated today. {teasing her friend} 111
HELLO Happy 50 I've got some ointment in the Boutique that should help with those bags under your eyes, love. {teasing a friend} 112
HELLO Neutral 50 There's nothing to worry about I presume, Chief? {making idle conversation with the security chief} 113
HELLO Happy 50 I trust everyone in the tower is healthy? No plagues to worry about, are there Doctor? {making idle talk with the doctor} 114
HELLO Surprise 50 Have you ever considered performing, what do they call it? Plastic surgery? You know, where you make people look young again? {asking a doctor because she wants to look young again} 115
HELLO Surprise 50 I've noticed some new items on the menu. {making idle chat with the chef} 116
HELLO Happy 50 One day, you'll have to teach me to cook. I've always wanted to learn, but never had the time. {making idle conversation with the chef} 117
HELLO Happy 50 Ahhh. There's nothing like a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day, eh Michael? {chatting with her friend} 118
HELLO Neutral 50 Here's to being rich, eh Michael? {a toast to the good life} 119
HELLO Surprise 50 Not to pry, dear. But what is exactly the problem between you and your husband? {probing for gossip} 120
HELLO Happy 50 Tiffany. A toast! Here's to stupid men and the women who love them! {cheerfully toasting to the stupid men in their lives} 121


BarterExit BarterExit Neutral 50 It's been a pleasure doing business. 122