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Lydia's journal pages are composed of five paper notes written by Lydia in Fallout 76.


  • Page 1: Found in Harpers Ferry, within a small dining area next to a house (#637) in the western part of town.
  • Page 4: Found on a metal shelf near the back door of a house (#106) in Harpers Ferry, which contains Miranda's terminal on the top floor.
  • Page 12: Found on the top floor of a house next to the south gate of Harpers Ferry (398 Shenandoah Street), opposite side from the clinic. It is the building with the voting booths on the first floor.
  • Page 20: Found upstairs in a house (#114) on the raised section south of the north gate of Harpers Ferry.
  • Page 24: Found on the second-floor of the Harpers Ferry clinic.


Page 1

Dad told us we're going to be leaving the bunker to try and make a go at it over in Harpers Ferry. Raleigh seems to think it's a good idea, and maybe it is. Maybe I'm being selfish. Maybe I just want to stay safe behind a locked door with all of our supplies. Maybe I really don't care to share what we've made here. I don't know. I know there are survivors that need our help, but these are also the people that ridiculed us every step of the way. Raleigh especially... So why, out of all of us, is he willing to help and I'm here saying I don't care?

Page 4

I've decided to try and have a little faith in this whole Harpers Ferry thing. Natalie said it best... would I rather live out my life in this bunker stuck with mom and dad, or would I rather try to make a go at a new life outside. Maybe... meet a cute guy? The world needs a future, right?

Anyway, I finally started packing. I could tell mom and dad were super relieved. I'm not even sure we would've survived another fight at the rate we were going.

Page 12

Today was a big day. Just not sure in the good or bad sense. We met up with all the survivors... and there really weren't as many as I thought there'd be. And some of them were really, really... roughed up. It's obvious they have a lot to benefit from us... Natalie said we get to learn how to survive in this new world... And holy shit is it different.

The entire forest has turned into this swampy mess. There are these red vines all over the place. Creatures I've never seen before in my life... It's all gross and disgusting. And Harpers Ferry? This place is a wreck. I'm not even sure how the survivors... survived this long.

Page 20

I met a guy today! His name is De'Andre, and he's so cute. I literally did not even think guys like this existed anymore. He also says heIn-game spelling part of this group called the Responders. They've been helping out the survivors here for a bit, so hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot of each other. It might be time for me to volunteer at the clinic!

Page 24

I can't do this. Conner came in today with a torn off leg. Jesse said a gulper got him. I mean what the hell even is that? There was so much blood... and we couldn't even save him. Ella said he'd already lost too much by the time they got him here, but they did all they could. Conner was my age. He didn't have a bunker to stay safe in during the war. He was a fighter... but it wasn't enough. Will any of this be enough?