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To anyone who will listen. My name is Lucy Harwick, and I'm here with many others just like me. We may look like those mindless things we call ghouls, but we're not. We're still people. REAL people with thoughts and feelings, and all those other things that make us all human!Lucy's holotape

Lucy Harwick was a ghoul who lived in Appalachia sometime prior to 2102.


Lucy Harwick was a pre-War aesthetician who stayed in Harpers Ferry after the bombs fell. When the Free States decided to help rebuild, she joined Ella Ames in providing medical services to the beleaguered population.[1][2]

Problems for Lucy started with Daniel Whitby, a boy who suffered exposure to radiation and started changing into a ghoul. As Harpers Ferry and the Free Staters were constantly fighting off hordes of ghouls in the aftermath of the War, she hid him away while she looked for a cure. When people found out what she was doing, Lucy was forced to flee.[3]

Lucy too eventually turned into a ghoul. However, she rejected the term "ghouls" instead referring to her and her kind as "the Changed." After she realized that she was not the only one who was experiencing physical changes as a result of the radiation, she created a home for others like her at the Valley Galleria and left notes around Appalachia, welcoming others experiencing the same physical changes to join them.[4]

She soon gathered several followers, including Sara Samir who had been turned into a ghoul and her sister Nari who had not.[5] The support from those who were unaffected gave Lucy hope for a future where ghouls were no longer shunned and reviled because they were changed.[6]

However, hunting parties from Harpers Ferry were a constant threat to the group. One of these parties, led by Duncan McKann, was a particular threat, as Duncan was waging a one-man war on all ghouls, trying to drown out the memories of losing his family to a pack of ferals. Lucy realized the threat that Duncan posed and moved to find a new, better hideout for her group. Eventually, she found the perfect spot: the underground section of Dyer Chemical, a reinforced location with secure locks that would allow her to keep everyone safe.[5]

Despite her precautions, Duncan tracked the group to their new location and Lucy was killed in the ensuing confrontation with him.[7] During Tracking Unknowns, her corpse can be found in the Dyer Chemical sewers, next to that of Sara Samir.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Undershirt & jeans Lucy's holotape


Lucy Harwick appears only in Fallout 76.