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Clara's our Brahmin. I like to consider her just as much a part of the this family as Maisie.— Lucy Abernathy

Lucy Abernathy is a young woman living at Abernathy farm in 2287.


Lucy is the daughter of Connie Abernathy and Blake Abernathy, and can be found working with her family at the Abernathy farm. She has a deceased sister, Mary, who was killed by raiders.[1]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.

Other interactions

She offers to purchase melons from the player character for three caps; passing a Charisma check brings that amount up to five caps.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Flannel shirt and jeans


  • The charisma check to raise the amount of caps per melon to five can only be taken by chosing the payment options during the initial conversation; it is mutually exclusive with talking about the "successful" farm and isn't offered a second time.
    • On PC, resetting the initial dialogue with Connie and Blak by opening the console and typing ResetQuest 0006B4CF, followed by hitting enter, allows for another try.
  • By asking what she will pay, Lucy is the first and only character that can explain the use of bottle caps as currency to the Sole Survivor.
  • When talking about the farm instead, Lucy mentions that she likes having Clarabell around because she is a "free source of fertilizer." This is not just idle chatter, as having a brahmin at any settlement will occasionally add fertilizer to the workshop.
  • If the Sole Survivor completes the quest Returning the Favor for the Abernathy family, Lucy will stop buying melons; this may be a bug.
  • Lucy may disappear from the farm. If this happens, she has been kidnapped by raiders and can be found at a raider base (such as the Monsignor Plaza in Cambridge or the federal ration stockpile).
  • Abigail Finch can be heard mentioning Lucy Abernathy as a potential wife for her son Daniel, to which Daniel laments she only has eyes for Hawthorne in Diamond City.[2]
  • She will tell her father that she wants to join the Minutemen.
  • An unused voice type for Lucy exists in the game's files, "NPCFLucyAbernathy," though the NPC actually uses the "FemaleEvenToned" voice type.


Lucy Abernathy appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Blake Abernathy: "Now she's buried out back of the house. Only twenty one years old, and they shot her down without a thought. So you can understand why I'm glad to hear the Minutemen are back. Although a bit too late for my Mary."
    (Blake Abernathy's dialogue)
  2. Abigail Finch: "One of these days, we need to find you a good woman, Daniel."
    Daniel Finch: "Even if I had time for something like that, which I don't, who'd be interested?" " The women of the Commonwealth ain't exactly lining up to be farmer's wives."
    Abigail Finch: "Then you need a farm girl. There's plenty out there, you know." "That Abernathy girl is nice enough, even if her mother's a witch. And there's that girl at Warwick... What's her name? Joanie?"
    Daniel Finch: "Janey. And she's too young for me. And Lucy Abernathy's only got eyes for Hawthorne in Diamond City."
    Daniel Finch: "Even if I had time for something like that, which I don't, who'd be interested?"
    Abigail Finch: "Well don't you worry, son. There's someone out there for you"
    Daniel Finch: "You're the one who's worried. I can't think past all the weeds I got to pull."
    (Abigail and Daniel Finch's dialogue)