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I'm Lucy, and I'm pretty much the mom around here. And that means I spend a lot of time kissing boo-boos and making things all better.

Lucy (real name Lucia[1]) is the doctor of Little Lamplight in 2277.


Lucy was born in Little Lamplight in the year 2266 and grew up learning practical medicine from Red, who she considered an older sister. By the time she was seven, Lucy was the preeminent medical authority in Lamplight and her medical knowledge saved Mayor MacCready's life when he was injured in a cave-in.

Since then, she's cared a little more about him than the others, and she thinks of Lamplight as "their family." Since MacCready took control, she's been his constant companion, occasionally tempering his instincts with a measure of caution.[1]

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  • Fungus Deal: She reveals information about the curative effects of the mushrooms present within Little Lamplight, namely, their anti-radiation effects. If Mayor MacCready allows it, she will trade Buffout for cave fungus.
  • The Replicated Man: If bribed or if the Lone Wanderer can pass a Medicine or Speech check, she will say that Pinkerton is the one who pulled off the android's surgery (it is strange she knows this, as she is a child and no one has seen Pinkerton in years, as well as the fact that the Little Lamplighters have limited contact with the outside world).


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Lucy appears only in Fallout 3.

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In Lucy's clinic in the office building, there is a banner reading "The doctor is in!" This is a reference to the character Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip (who pretends to be a psychiatric doctor).



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